Who says trading without a stop loss is stupid? Find out why this guy thinks it’s not!

No, you need to side with rram on this - guys like you are his bread and butter.

Traders with Low TI (trading intellect) and a love of wizardry are the kind of guys he loves.


Henery, it seems there are many around with your kind of arrogance and lack of proper manors of civility and respect.

That rather than engage in a healthy conversonational discussion just want to piss up the rope they are climbing.


Sorry, I can’t really take you seriously, and there certainly is no chance of any healthy discussion with traders in dream land.

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There is no healthy discussion with bullies like you Henery, reply all you like, like a trade going the wrong way I cut my losses and move on.

Wishing your he best in your trading endeavours.

why do I bother, here is one account and evening CST trade method I do which take about 30 min to setup and runs about 4 runs average, works for me. This was last week beginning on Monday

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it never hurts to make a deposit. Nothing wrong with that.
Sometimes its also a good idea to take profits out and put in another account, and trade one account on just profits.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/551494018744188938/551502851848011797/9934.jpg no stop losses in this account ever, except to lock in a profit as in SL+TS.

It also doesn’t hurt to take a withdrawl $500.

I also trade without SL, Create a grid and only trade pairs that pay rollover. On usdjpy long the swap is ~100 pips per 4 months. In the end this always pays of with proper MM. You just have to make sure you can hold even when usdjpy goes down to 0.90. Also trade many pairs so you hedge naturally.

I trade like this for 4 years. Last week I noticed drawup for the first time :slight_smile:

Right 15+ trades short eurnzd are past 1000 pips in profit. Set and forget workd like a charm. Only concentrate on loss, don’t bother about profit

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All you cash and earn in swap makes the stopout further away. Around 400 pips a year is quite common.

According to asx stock market news most of the times investors misunderstand on one key point about lithium stocks for being under valued.

Trading without a stop loss IS STUPID. You must without fail always procect your downside. And in the game of agmbling which this surely is, protecting your downside is vital

losing money is stupid. 99% of all losses are caused by stop losses:? :thinking:

I’ll also agree with everything that’s written here. It’s unprudent enough not to use stop loss. I have a friend who’s completely out of money in his account in one night. That was pretty sad. So don’t make the same mistakes as he did.

I think it’s too deep psychological

Hahahah funny.

Entirely 100% correct. In fact even 5 pips per day is excellent. When you get to the larger lot sizes using this same strategy the naysayers will be looking on with envy. 40 and 90 pips are not a certainty. You have a much better chance of getting 3, 4 and 5 pips so do that and practice consistency. You dont need to follow the gurus who show you the big wins but you rarely see their massive losses.

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Hi… i’m new in trading forex…
this topic is very interesting…

Have to agree with most of what is said here

Just nonsense