Why am i paying for rollover for long eur/usd

why am i paying for rollover for long eur/usd?
isn’t euro’s interest higher than usd’s??
can someone tell me plz, much thanks

Chances are that your broker is charging a fixed fee over and above the interest rate differential. The two interest rates are so marginally different that it ends up costing you either way, long or short.

so in a sense, im screwed either direction!
thanks for your answer, that makes sense!

I would investigate that bro, I don’t pay when I am long EUR/USD. 50bp+ makes a difference when you’re geared.

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um…im paying 1cent for each 1micro lot for some reason
and on my platform it shows, if u sell eur/usd there’s 0.00 rollover
but if you buy gbp/usd, there’s a +.01 rollover