Why aren't you profitable?

Why do you think, you have not become consistently profitable yet? By “consistent” we mean on an annual basis.
It would be interesting to hear lots of opinions about your own trading path…

I’ve been profitable but it doesn’t mean much since my account size is so small :sweat_smile:

When I think back to the time when I was not profitable, it was due to:

betting too much which made me unable to withstand a losing streak,
not sizing down or even stopping as soon as I realize that I currently have no edge.

Being profitable can only result from two factors: a strategy that gives you confidence and disciplined money management. Every other thing is cosmetics.

ppl are literally 1 FACT away from being constantly profit , years of study & back test are not necessary ,the one "thing"in your chart but probably take up your whole life to realise “oh this is the key” wat a shame

The only reason anyone is not profitable, is because they have no clue… once they know, they Will be profitable

Wow it seems that everybody in this forum is profitable. Either that or you are not willing to do the work and analyze all your trades and find out the reasons why you are not profitable.