Why do "Chart Patterns" look so different on "Different Platforms"?

Below are two images from two different platforms that i am simultaneoulsy running Demo Accounts on. However they are completely different in their carting patterns as you can tell one has three different “Abandoned Baby” formations and the other does not for the same time frame.
Also “Think or Swim” has changed the date on the last candle while “IBFX” has not.:confused:
Any help will be appreciated.:slight_smile:

By rtv2 at 2009-06-17

By rtv2 at 2009-06-17

Hi rtv2,

I’m currently testing numerous demo platforms, and I’m also experiencing frustrations about the software differences, which only seems to lead to the learning curve. :confused:

The pics are a little too small to be sure but I’m guessing the problem is different close times.

If one broker’s daily candles run from 00:00 to 00:00, while the other’s run from 12:00 to 12:00 then the candles will look somewhat different.

Is there a “Universally Accepted” time for closing from one day to the next?:rolleyes:

Nope, not in the forex world. The most common is midnight GMT, but there are plenty of brokers that work off other time zones.

Wich is the best type of chart to use???

The one you are most comfortable with using.

Why do “Chart Patterns” look so different on “Different Platforms”?

There are a few reasons which have been discussed elsewhere
ad nauseum, but to sum up,

Different brokers use different bank feeds,
there is a delay between feeds,
brokers use either the bid, ask or average price to show candles.
(MT4 usually use bid price, while Oanda use average price)
different server timing etc. etc.

When traders become more experienced these factors cancel
themselves out, plus all traders settle into their own platform.

Great answer there daydreamer65!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can’t beat that!!