Why do so many traders believe they can quit their jobs so easily?

he typically trades on the 1hr, London session is his favorite. He’s a day trader so he shoots for about 20-30 pips per trade

This is the kitty dweam. It may take 5 or 10 years but it WILL kitty come! I’m not saying quit now and tuwwade but a slower and moww gradual transition from a day job to full time tuwwading over the cammin years will be a moww wealistic tawwget.
Dis cat is tingkin of a gradual transition from a day job to full time tuwwadin in the next 5 to 10 years. (Good thing I have 9 kitty lives!)

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I think of every tuwwade as a minion workin foww mee. The moww minions I have woikin foww me (the bigga the capital), the better the minions woik (the better my skill thru practice), the lesser the difficulty and the more realistic is the prospect of livin off the returns from tradin.

Befoww handin over that “I quit” letter, be sure you are weally weady foww anythin and havv nattin to lose when you lose the jabb. :cat:

Lezz jazz givv our kitty best and aim foww that transition in the next 5 to 10 years. When we begin to transition, we can adjust our targets as we make kitty progress. Dis cat will puwway hawwd to the kitty gods of tuwwadin. Cheers! ^~^


Your post is just annoying. I’m sure you had something to say that was worth reading but I stopped 3 lines in. Just incase you think I dont see your posts going forward, if you keep writing like that, I’ll just ignore your posts from now on.


Because they fall for false advertising of that forex things which are totally everywhere around them. See my point ? I am completely lost with everything here no matter what. I do not see anything like that here and today as well. Don’t fall for easy money.

I think there are a few key reasons:

  1. They recently started playing with a compound interest calculator and have discovered the road to riches!! :laughing:

  2. They know that they are different than all the other beginners and “know what’s going on”. How could they possibly blow an account?! :open_mouth::slight_smile:

  3. And… It’s only two words: I Quit!! :joy::sweat_smile:

Because marketers make it out to be easy…which it is not

That’s right. Little do these new traders understand that it is not that easy to make money and they are just being misunderstood about making money.

This is what’s needed if anyone wants a real chance at success but unfortunately this route takes too much time and effort for most people. And even then, this route of hard work and “obsession” still isn’t guaranteed.

If super newbies just took 30 minutes of reading through questions here on the forums, they might know what it takes to stay in this biz.


usually when they do not have salary they decide to quite

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If you’re on demo, to make the (fake) money, what amount would you start with?

And the stuff you’re talking about, how much does that really apply to a new trader? Or is all, way above my head stuff?

i think when a trader has a constant successful sessions, they think they are ready to start full time and quit their job. but what needs to be understood is, they first need to set a good amount of capital and a security aside in case of any emergency.


Yes i did it :neutral_face: i quit my job this year.

I am on Forex trading about 2 years and when i started follow Signal channel , copy trading , fundamental and tried to trade on news and blow out 3 my accounts.

Now i am complete Technical trader and just using poor Price Action + AI System + Money Management.


Do tell!

Can you give us a little more detail about your transition?

Also what’s it like day to day since finally becoming a full-time trader. BTW are you trading from home or are you with a firm?


congrats! eventually I plan on going full time also…I just want the freedom honestly and more time to spend with my mother and be able to travel with her

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Well it’s depends on your investment as well as profit you got from Forex Trading. If you achieve extraordinary profit and that amount is more than your capital its better to focus on your trading rather than any fool JOB. I guess it will be possible if you do trading for couple of Years.

Usually traders first tend to have profitable strategy before they quit their job in order to become full time traders. I think that you made a very brave move to switch to full time trading without a clear strategy

Congrats!!! How has it been? :open_mouth: Same questions as @frandlost

Because there are far too many affiliate marketeers who earn the money writing emotionally appealing headlines and web copy - have not the slightest interest in the person who signs up.

In this case, is it the seedy marketers’ fault or is it the gullible person’s? :thinking: @Johnscott31

Well its the gullible persons, but the topic is about why so many think they can quit their day job.

One thing to add though, newbies are very confident bunch - so much more so than seasoned traders