Why do the trading on your own?

Hello! Im fairly new to forex trading. Have tried twice and blown my account both times. I am now trying for the 3rd and last time. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and preparing myself. The difference this time is that I’m more cautious and get more help from others.

The first two rounds I saw forex trading a bit like my other gambling accounts, but this only led to losses. It’s far better to just do gambling if you want to gamble. Reading from others and looking what hedge funds can do it seems realistic to do about 10-15% profit annually. Do you agree with this?

Forex swingtrading that I’m looking at takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve been looking in to this for 2 years now, some periods more intensively then others but still. And only about 10-15% do a profit at all according to several forex sites, and this far I’m not doing profit.

My problem is that, that the fund I am using costs nothing, and gives me about 15% annually. It takes no amount of time at all. Am I missing something? Are my calculations wrong or why do people even bother given that you can get the same amount of profit without doing anything for free? Is it about control? Being able to control your trades?

If you’re in a fund that pays 15% annually don’t bother with trading, just keep drawing money out when it reaches a max ceiling for safety.

For me, it’s about not relying on someone else to make me money. In a fund, you are purely dependent on the fund manager for your returns. Also, that fund manager is bound by the rules of the fund. This means he may be able to make better than 15% per year but the rules of the fund limit his performance.

I always believed that no one cares more about my money or my life than me. Therefore, the more I can do for myself, the better I am - and trading is no exception.

If it’s hard for you to trade yourself, try looking for a mentor.

Mentor? That sounds great. Do you have any suggestions on how to get one?


Ask around some people on here will b happy to mentor you.

Check their performance first though.

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