Why Don't You Want My Donation? :)

Hi BabyPips Creators,

I want to send you a donation, but I can’t find a donation button anywhere!!

Don’t get your hopes up, it won’t be enough for you to retire (not even enough for a speedboat) :slight_smile: But I would like to give a small donation to show some appreciation for all the time and effort you guys have gone to, writing and providing such a good introductory forex course at no cost…


I suggested the same thing via the support link just yesterday!

Hopefully they listen, between you and I maybe they could get a speed boat :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats well commending. I feel so wonderful when I hear people wanting to give.
A simlar thing happened some time ago. But me, I wont be giving just yet if I were you i’d have a managed account pay babypips for all their good work and then trade the profits from the managed account. two good ones are dealsjamaica.com/managed_accounts and forexmanage.com but deals pays like 5% on you r money monthly so go figure.