Why having a regrets is bad idea?

I should have stayed in that trade longer. Look what I missed out. I should have taken my profits earlier now the trade is going the other way. It makes traders make silly moves to make up for what they believe they should have done. Regret makes you violate your trading plan and everything you learned.

Felling any type of emotion while trading is just apart of the game, (Forex & life) its whats makes us who we are; its how we react to those emotions that is important.

Missing out on an opportunity (regret)
Elation etc etc.

Basically any form of extreme emotions and the lack of understanding (“control”) will have a negative impact on your future trading success, not the emotions its self.

That applies right across the board…regrets have very little going for it except that having one makes you feel a lot worse about yourself…so when it comes to trading, just forget about the regrets and live for the present and more importantly, learn NOT to repeat the same mistake…
As for missing out on trading opportunities, remember, there’s lot more where that came from…

Yeah i feel the same. I always tell myself you can NEVER maximize your potential. You could always have done better.

From experience I have learned to move on it’s not worth it.

I’ve dealt with both of these regrets. And I’m trying to just accept the fact and like dark knight says move on.

As long as you executed that trade according to your trade plan /that inludes your system and the rules that you must abide by/ don’t take it personally when things turn to the opposite direction. It is what it is. Disregard any negative feeling that comes together with having to take a loss. And remind yourself there will always going to be an opportunity the next day or the week. Next 100 trades.

Being wrong is part of the game. Given the uncertainty of how market behaves. Accept that you were wrong and move on to the next trade. But remember ‘always execute trades according to your trade plan’. Don’t let negative feelings take over and make any hasty mistakes. That’s discipline I guess. And it is a crucial part in determining if you’ll achieve consistency or better yet keep it.

Yup, getting emotional over a few losses only leads to more…trading with discipline is a must and one that comes with experience. But as I had pointed out earlier on, including others, there are going to be opportunities you may miss out on by getting out of a trade rather quickly - just to use an example, but remember there will be a lot more where that came from, so move on to the next trade.