Why is BTC selling?

Hey there Rickster99 where ya been??

I would really love to know why you backed it 10x increase. Care to give me a complete tip? Or share the link to your previous post on this?

Nah, I dont back it. But heres the link where i discussed it with some bitcoin lovers:

Hi blackduck,

I’ve been well. Fundamentals have been pretty crazy with all random news coming out. So have been reading, general chart time and working. What’s been going on?

You are not wrong. With Trump’s trade deal and the UK election it was enough to drive a good trader to drink. :rofl:

Nevertheless it is nearly the end of a year and time for a break. Have a great Christmas and we will do it all again in 2020.

:santa: :santa:



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Bitcoin falling?

The current model price is $8,117.
The current price is $6,713
The S2F multiple is -0.152.

The price would have to be $4,923.20 for that multiple to go as low as -0.5.

Yawn. Nothing to see here.

This is exactly how I see these small fluctuations: all well within normal bands

I get it now the big halving in 150 days?

Shortly after the halving Bitcoin should see new all time highs. About 1-4 months afterwards and once she clears to new all time highs there is nothing hanging overhead and the bull is really on for 6-18 months.

You will really enjoy this video “Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price Prediction $55,000 - $130,000 Explained

Surprised many more people aren’t buying some bitcoin it’s probably the best bet you could place for all budgets, perhaps bitcoin still remains somewhat in the geek sphere.

Right. At this point it is almost irresponsible not to own at least 5% of your net worth in Bitcoin.

Interestingly enough Bitcoin is Millennials’ 5th largest holdings. Soon enough they will be the largest and wealthiest generation. Follow the demographics and money.

BTC traded up last night, I made some profit but didn’t realize I would pay a $10 fee every time I closed a position. I scalped it instead of leaving the position open.

I am buying!

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BTC is pretty static after trading up a few days ago, lets hope for a sky rocket trade and that it breaks rapidly upwards.

Anyone else just make some gains with BTC? I just doubled my money having previously made a mistake with another pair a few days ago.

doubled?? WHat was your risk?

Less usability till now; basically which investors believe in BTC, they are just holding this coin. I think, we need 4-5 years more to connect the full world!

imagine that!

yes i have in recent weeks. i have also had some unfortunate losses however over the years. currently in a long btc usd position however and all going well so far