Why is Forex trading so HARD?

I think that trading is hard because of the fact that the market is unpredictable. Surely, if you follow money and risk management and secure your risks, everything will be fine. Surely, the discipline matters very much. Even if you know the market and economics perfectly well, your trading will never be a success if you cannot control your emotions.

Trading is hard because of the fact that the market is unpredictable. The events which took place in the past will not necessarily happen in future. More than that, it is hard to keep cold blooded when it comes about trading. Trading is not hard when you know how to use risk and money management and if your are self-disciplined.

Any business is hard. Forex is deemed as hard business, because most of “forex entrepreneurs” start seriously (leave money on the table) without having proper knowledge, preparation, experience, plan.

Would you open a shop in random place with random assortment with random prices and not looking at costs? :slight_smile: That’s how beginner forex trader is positioned. We don’t see thousands of top salesman or entrepreneurs as we don’t see thousands of profitable forex traders.

Imagine any business and what you would need to do and know to just start running it (without ANY confidence in profits to be made). You can hardly imagine, that trading forex is any easier than that.

If you want to make money (in any profession) you need to be good at it. The same goes with forex.
Being good at anything is hard itself.


That’s how it is. When you study it, all you would read is buying a currency pair at a low price and selling it at a high price. But when you actually come into the market to trade, you realize that buying and selling is not easy. There are so many constraints that you have to take care of to make profits and that’s not easy in any way.

Forex trading is not hard in itself, but the constraints we apply to our trading make it very difficult to be consistently profitable.

Price action trading and reversal trades are complex techniques, and difficult to master. Trading off very short intra-day time-frames just makes the trader’s job harder - if you can’t yet steer and brake the car you’re driving, driving faster will not help.

Experts like to show us increasingly obscure dramatic techniques like pin bars and engulfing candles and hikkake patterns etc. etc… Keeping to the theme of driving, they appear wonderful teachers who can show us how to get round a tight curve on the road ahead on two wheels - but what they don’t tell you is to watch out for the trucks - who are all going in the opposite direction.

The Forex market is claimed to be difficult since it is the world’s most liquid market, with billions of people and entities participating. Everything influences the Forex market: governments, politics, weather, public health, company expansion or bankruptcy, food costs, and so on.

Some of the market’s major players are so large that they can cause large fluctuations on their own.

What impact does this have on you?

Take, for example, the following sequence of events. Assume you’ve started a Forex deal that, after several hours of hard work, is moving in the way you expected. You decide to take a break and perhaps even brag about your recent achievement to your partner.

You return to your trading station after around 10 minutes to find that a major reversal has occurred, effectively obliterating your position and any prospective profit. This type of occurrence commonly occurs without any kind of forewarning.

In Forex, the best chance you have of surviving long enough to make any profit is by carefully limiting your risk to avoid being wiped out while you gain experience and expertise from real money trading (after practicing with a free demo account).

Trading is hard because there are so many factors which influence the total outcome.
First of all, a trader should know a lot about trading and economic processes. The role of knowledge is very significant, however, that is quite obvious. Apart from knowledge, a trader should also be psychologically stable and consistent. Everybody knows that when it comes about investing your personal money, you cannot be indifferent to this whole process. A trader can experience a wide range of different feelings starting with fear and up to euphoria. Both emotions are detrimental to trader as they influence their trading decisions which should be based on common sense and facts. It is very difficult to remain level-headed during the trading session. Finally, I still think that a trader should obtain certain mathematical skills. As you might know, risk and money management are very important for a trader to make stable and consistent profits. However, if you want to use these tools in order to secure your budget from the huge losses, you’ve got to be able to calculate the amount of money that you can afford to risk.
So, it turns out that a trader should possess many different traits of character in order to be a success on the market. All of these aspects should be well-developed and used wisely and only this way can one become a successful trader.

the point i will make before the others factors , im based UK and spread bet on Forex ,Indices and the odd commodity if i like the set up. i would probably have a big shock if i knew how much i have paid on the margins and overnight fees over the last three years ,point is your negative equity before every trade

Very much true… Most of us are not discipline enough

Very well explained mate!

The Forex market is very volatile and gets affected by billions of people and entities.
It becomes tough for the new traders to predict but for those who understand the market trends and are experienced, are able to trade profitably.

expectation killing us,
euphoria massacre us


thats summarized
never let emotion get into decission

one more thing,
the most richest men in the world are trader

sorros buffet ellon

real wealth need real sacrifacion

For too many people, forex trading appears to be solely concerned with the sale and purchase of currencies. If you think about it that way, you’ll probably succeed up to 50% of the time. It’s difficult to succeed when you have such a distorted vision.
Most traders lack sufficient fundamental and technical analysis skills, do not test their techniques, and do not adhere to risk management guidelines, making forex trading tough ( undercapitalized about the size of the trades they make ). Forex traders suffer from high financial risk, greed, and overtrading, all of which lead to poor results and make trading tough.

Though as traders we like to think the percentages are in our favour when entering. Nothing in trading is set in stone, though Mark Douglas was probably refering to stocks, one of his mantras was anything possible regarding the markets

forex trading is not hard for those who have a working strategy

It’s as hard as you make it. You’re in control of the trades you open and close.

I have just started but one thing I am very clear about is that it will take time. It’s neither hard nor easy. So I am prepared for that.

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Forex trading is basically not hard, It seems hard when consistent hard work and discipline is needed.

Hard here is subjective. It can be hard if you are completely new and have no knowlege at all, it can be hard if you don’t have a good stratergy or proper discipline. It can also be easy if you found what working for you and stick to it.