Why is my currency Bid price not on the candlestick?

Hi everyone.

I put in a Take Profit of 1.23500 on GBP/USD.

In MT5, I can see a red arrow at the point the sale was made. The candlestick associated with the red sale arrow shows on this line that the high was 1.23498 … and the candlestick to the right was actually where a high of 1.23501 was hit.

Why is the red arrow pointing at the wrong candlestick in MT5? It’s as if this ‘sale marker’ is really just an approximation rather than definitive time?

Not sure what you’re trying to say, but if the chart only shows 0.1 pip below your tp, then the spread almost certainly means it didn’t get there

That’s the thing - it did get there. The question is purely that the red arrow at the sale point, to me, is in the wrong part of the chart.

I have a picture I could share but I am not allowed to upload it, as I am a new member.

Oh, this is a buy. The candlestick is formed from the bid or sell price. When you buy, you pay the ask price. On the mt5 chart options, you can show both lines but the candlestick is always the sell price. The arrow is higher by the spread

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I have re-read your message a lot, and I still don’t follow! Wish I could post my picture and have you see what I mean!

I can’t get your question enough; but check this if it aligns,
When you buy, your Tp/Sl point will needed to be hit by the bid price, while when you sell your Tp/Sl point will have to be hit by the ask price; maybe this was the scenario.


I am sure we know what you mean, without a chart. Issues with spread have hit all of us at some time when we were starting out, its easy to forget spread even when you’re experienced.

Remember, the chart shows the bid price, not the ask price. The ask price is always higher than the bid, which means its always higher at a given time than what the chart shows.

Was this right on the time that the candle changed? If the high on the next candle was 1,23501 then you got a good fill it seems.

What timeframe are you using here? you could try dropping to a lower TF or tick chart (if available) to better define at which point the fill was made.

Personally, I don’t think this is a sdrious issue at all but it always helps to try and understand how one’s systems work! :+1:

to see that you need to adjust your settings in chart properties.