Why traders have setups with multiples monitors

Hey, im new here , im past the 226/347 on the school of pips.
I have this question about why do traders always have setups with multiples monitors 3-4 isn’t using a laptop enough ?

Yes, a laptop plus a scan disc that would duplicate and save your important items are the basic needs. However, a duplicate laptop could prevent disaster if your first laptop fails right in the middle of a daily trade - and with no stop loss in place.

Same with power cuts and loss of Internet - the list goes on. I have three laptops, one a mini so I can take it to another power site if needed. I also have a monitor which can be set to show a different screen than my laptop e.g. fundamental news items.

With computerised trading, it only takes a black swan event to create havoc - and as I’m risk adverse by nature, I aim to minimise any losses.


yes you are right you never know what might happen , i think it might also be useful in case you have multiples positions open , to keep track of all of them at once

It’s all about real estate, screen real estate. Instead of switching between different tabs and browser windows, to see different charts, or data, or notes, everything is there in one view. All you need to do is move your eyes left and right, up and down. Not necessary, but a nice-to-have.

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Definitely this.

Also I feel like the psychology there is strong. Like when you change to your workout clothes before working out, having a decent trading setup kind of puts you in that right frame of mind I feel like. But of course, like what @dudebro said, it’s absolutely not necessary. Just like workout clothes are not.

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thank you for your answers , yes having a trading setup must be nice .
and i think its for someone with enough experience to keep track 3-4 assets or pairs at the same time

I think many do it just for show off. One monitor is enough since, one can open multiple windows. Unless you are using more than one broker who offers same platform. In that case you need another laptop to login to both brokers platform at the same time.

Setiing up multiple computers or screens actually saves time but it depends as you should do what suits you. Personally, I don’t like spending my hard earned money on multiple screens. I personally use one laptop and that too not very expensive. Simple laptop but I keep it limited to forex trading only and it gives me great results.

If you see youtubers with fours screens with four large charts - that’s a joke :wink:
You don’t need them. BUT… if you look at professional trading floors you always see multiple screen stations. If this is your full time job and you need to execute multiple strategies / trades per day, then you need speed. Speed to scan through order flows, charts, news, market reactions, probably some feed from Bloomberg/Reuters. If you are a regular trader, who jumps in few times per day or use daily/hourly charts, most likely you won’t feel much difference from having more screens.

Personally I use two screen setup, as I need it for work so use it also for forex activities. Still I trade from single screen and use two to have MQL editor on one and MT4 on second :slight_smile: