Why trading small accounts is not worth it

Trading small amount is really worth when you’re new to forex. I always say to a newbie rather to go demo or start from small amount till you not become confident.

A tiny fraction, allowing you to own a small amount of a publicly-traded company.

You can make money through dividends, but also through trading as your stock values go up (or lose if they go down).

There are many different strategies for trading, even for those who don’t have a lot of money to start with.

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Trading with a small account is worth only for beginners looking for live trading experience and lower risks.

For higher profits and better trading conditions, the standard account is a better choice.

New traders should use a small account to practice. The forex market is very volatile, and if they don’t have enough experience, they will lose all their money.

@jacob.N I agree with you because as a beginner one can not take high risks. Over a period of time once he gains some experience then he can opt for trading a big account, but should still trade only the amount one can afford to lose.

You have to understand that trading with small account is very useful for beginner who cannot and do not want to take a high risk in trading. That’s why many brokers are offering services so that you can try trading in small account, knowing that there is no large profit can be made.

Starting with a small account is reasonable because you’re in your learning phase and take minimum risks. However, in forex, the more risk you take the more you earn. To make considerable profits, you can’t trade with small capital.

For beginner traders using a small account is an advantage because smaller accounts have lower risks and capital involved in it.

Big account or small account, the skills and discipline required are the same. If you can make 6% profit per month, keep doing it month after month. That way you will double your account in a year.

If you can double your account in a year, keep doing it year after year.

How is it possible to make 6% per month? You need a consistent strategy which you can follow consistently.

Having a bigger account is like having a bigger engine in your car - it won’t make you a better driver, you will just arrive at the scene of the accident sooner.


I really liked it, inspired!

It all relies on how good you are at trading and managing your money.

I agree small accounts are good for practice , practice, practice but otherwise for me ,not worth the hassle for such meagre rewards

I traded a small account for two years too. it is not worth it

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Trading using a small account is actually worth it for beginners to experience live trading with lower risks and capital.

For experienced traders, it might not be helpful because they can trade with higher capital and risks for better profits

If you fail on a small account, you will be even worse on a larger one.

It’s all just one’s and zero’s anyway. The key is your psychology.

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Trading with small accounts is okay but using very high leverages in small accounts is not. One needs to be experienced enough to be able to use leverage successfully.

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Agreed, lower capital with higher leverage is a bad idea if you are not able to make a good strategy in trading.

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Low capital for beginner is fine imo cause if you are still learning or trying to find your prefer strategy. They are bound for mistakes and when that happen loosing small amount of money is a lot of destrumental.

It isn’t worth it mainly because it’s just a way to losing your small funds. However, we have to take into consideration the sum which you’re going to deposit. Some traders would say that 200$ is a small account, however, it’s much better to deposit 200$ rather than 10$. Forex trading is pretty flexible activity and it afford traders to earn even from 1$, however it will be a very long way to success. It’s pretty difficult to boost your account from 1$ to 10$, I don’t even talk about how to boost to 100$. It’s almost impossible and the vast majority of traders lose their 10$ and give up the idea of trading.

The hardest part of the journey is - or should be - before you set out.

So nobody should start trading until they have a consistently profitable strategy which they can use, with objective rules they can obey. The strategy can be found through research and trialling within a demo account. Its only at that point that a real money account should be used for trading.

Putting real money at risk when you have no idea whether it is probably going to double or probably going to halve is just like betting at the casino on black or red.