Why we need more (good) female traders

It always tickles me how the actual findings seem to be manipulated by those with a political gender biased intent !


The FT says ;

"A paper by the University of Leicester suggests that female traders outperform males on average, …"

Whereas the cited “paper” actually finds ;

"female traders outperform male traders more frequently. However, when male traders makehigher profits than females, they outperform female traders by a large amount. This is whythe average profit of male traders is greater than that of female traders…"


NOTE “Outperform” does NOT neccessarily imply that they actually make a profit :wink:

[EDIT - This is exactly the result one would expect from the findings of Evolutionary Psychology ! - Where the female would be responsible for child-rearing and animal husbandry (Minimise loss) - whereas the male would be responsible for hunting (Maximise additional food capture) :smile: - Thus acting as a team or “family unit” - the skills and psychologies of both sexes would optimise the net benefit to the “team” ]

In May 2018 I posted again about Rachel Fox ( Why we need more (good) female traders ); here is a video of her Ted Talk:

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I think women are good to use existing tools but lack intellectual abilties to make theoretical breakthroughs. It should be left for men.

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@ria_rose Good article, reviewing a number of studies and reviews-of-studies.

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Read this great testimonial of a female trader from Singapore, wanted to share on this thread.


@Ele_Wood1 Interesting! Thank you. I am not sure about OspreyFX broker but it is good to have a site like this around.

Yeah. :slight_smile: I just found myself reading more on this, and I guess it’s time we recognize that intellectual abilities are not determined by the gender of an individual. :smile:


@ria_rose Absolutely!!

Yeah they put up interesting content! I do crypto and forex follow up through their blogs.


Hello traders

I have an interview planned and all is in place, so as soon as it is completed I will post it on here!


This new article highlights my argument right at the start of this thread, namely that more women in trading could foster a more stable banking sector, among other things:


Are you seriously putting that “article” forward as a genuine argument in favour of the premise of this thread ?


I am.not.arguing.with you,.Falstaff, there is.no.point.

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Pipme, I was watching Top of the Pops 1988 last night - think maybe BBC4 - anyways an old favourite was played and i remembered an old thread.

We discussed the song’s theme back some 4 years - wonderful to look back how the market has behaved since.

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Hey Peterma… Has the indices/equities market been rising since, or stalling?

They have continued up - I suppose only to be expected, after all the “great depressions” over the years the stock market pursues it’s journey North relentlessly.

Chart of S&P with date of our discussion arrowed.

Happy Christmas and prosperous 2020 to everyone here.

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