Why we need more (good) female traders

Yeah well lets just ignore anything I’m not comfortable with ; :rofl:

To an extent “our kid” - But women are Not stupid !


The truth is that during their most fertile time of each month - many women indulge in “Girls night out” manouvres :smiley:

Whilst their “Soy-Boy” bloke babysits at home. Then coming home pregnant from a chance encounter with an “Alpha-Male” - or even just “best available that night” - says

“Oh- joy” - we.re pregnant - (HAVE A DNA TEST BLOKE)

Now - we can pretend this is untrue - lol - but - fact of the matter is - It’s proven !

"Who is John Galt "


You and I are on the same page. haha

However, some people disagree. Fine, whatever. We’ll just agree to disagree.

The bottom line is that I don’t care about any trader’s gender. If you can exploit an edge, good on you, and I’d love to hear your story.

@PipMeHappy keep the interviews coming! We all enjoy them!


Now there you and I are not in total agreement - some matters are important and the title of this thread is “Why we need more female traders” (the ‘good’ was a later addition) - ie it is intended to promote females over males and to explain exactly “WHY” this should be the case.

Now it seems that you and I DO agree that work should be done by those who are the most competent, irrespective of what Nature has decided to put between their legs whereas the Original Poster’s entire position is that ALL that is important when deciding on employment selection is precisely that one factor - ie what nature has put between the legs of those applying for that work and that those with penises should be descriminated against - purely on that one factor alone. This thread is/was intended entirely to propagandise that point of view and in my ‘opinion’ the nature of the title demands that those of us who value competence over sex join in the discussion and promote our own ‘point of view’.

We have already seen the domination of teaching and health industries by selection on that basis and the fact that virtually anyone who can stand upright and walk down the street without getting run-over qualifies to enter university degree courses and that men and boys are now ‘Going Galt’ regarding what nowadays passes for “Education” - we are almost put under an obligation to express ourselves at the unfairness of this propaganda and demand justice for men and boys - whether in Employment, Family Courts - or indeed in having their views heard in the form of publicised “Interviews” thus;

Please don’t presume to speak on my behalf ! :wink:


I was extending an olive branch. I have no idea who enjoys the interviews and who doesn’t. I just didn’t want to dominate the thread with my opinion. Although, that’s kinda what the thread is for…

I don’t mind debating, but I can’t change their minds any more then they can change mind. After a certain point the argument just goes in circles. Even if you’re right, the other side isn’t listening because their defenses are up. When people’s defenses are up, they’re not actually listening. They’re focused on their next rebuttal.

I’m sure you’ve come across arguments like that. How many times have you tried explaining to someone why they’re wrong, and they just refuse to listen?

After moments like that, instead of that person walking away thinking that I’m against them, I prefer to say something nice to mend the lines of communication and bring us back to some kind of common ground.

In the end, I don’t care about a trader’s gender-- just their
margin. If someone wants to promote female traders, good luck. I wish you the best. The sun still rises in the east, and water is still wet. I couldn’t care less.

michael jackson popcorn leaving


Yes I saw this as well and I thought it was very interesting and I think it would be a great thing for many reasons to incentivise female trading. However it is not because women are being held back by any force of our culture or society that many of them do not trade. It is because the traits that are associated with wanting to manage money and profit from price movements in a market are more akin to masculinity than feminity.


At the end of the day, it is just a forum thread. I would not spend so much time and energy trying to fight whatever it is that one disagrees with on it. The thread is open and unless the comments turn derogatory or defamatory or completely off topic then there will be no censorship. But the best policy when one does not like what one hears is to look away, yes, because it is not possible to always win, or to always change minds. This is my thread, my project, and nobody else’s: one person’s dislike or contempt for it will do nothing but, if anything, strengthen my purpose to continue.

Thanks to @dushimes for the olive branch, appreciate it.


I’ve always loved these interviews ever since I got here @PipMeHappy! :blush: I’m super grateful that you’re giving these amazing women a platform and a chance to share their experiences. :blush: There still aren’t a whole lot of women traders and although that’s not necessarily a threatening problem, it’s something interesting to look into. :blush: I’m excite for your next interviews PipMeHappy! :smiley: I’ll be cheering for youuu!


Thanks @ria_rose Maybe some day I should interview you!


Yeh it’s good for Female Traders to trade fofex


Hello traders,

I am pleased to share my interview with Tonia Hayes today:

@Penelopip @Ananais @PipNRoll @ria_rose

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The reason for the 2008 financial collapse was due to banks not lending out their own money and instead getting funds from government sponsored entities. Those entities forced banks to lend based on the GSE’s own criteria. The banks were just doing what the government sponsored entities told them to do.

Had banks been lending their own money, they would never make such risky rules. Too much government involvement forces every lender to behave the same way. When that way is nonsensical, everyone loses.

Sadly, the government’s solution to the crisis never even addressed the actual problem. That’s because they can never admit they were the ones that caused it.

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Hello everyone,

posting here my interview with Blayne Macauley, which I already posted separately:

Thanks for your comments and for the time you took to thank me for it.

More interviews on the way!



Just 10 minutes into the interview and I already absolutely admire this super smart and sweet lady! :blush: Thanks for the interview PipMeHappy! :smiley:


Listening now. I like that she’s a ¨put your money where your mouth is¨ kind of person. She has no qualms about showing her track record.

Great interview, again! @PipMeHappy

Even if there are one or two points that I disagree with, I’m still grateful that you took the time to conduct these interviews! There can be growth even in disagreement. It challenges me to think. These traders have much to teach, and I have so much to learn from them. AND, they’re nice people! All of them.

I look forward to more interviews!!


Hello everyone! Here is my new interview, this time featuring Tessa Dao of the Chat With Traders podcast.

I hope you enjoy it (full timings/descriptions on YouTube).

Thanks for watching


I enjoyed the first 27 minutes of the interview. Good job!!

I like how she explained the way journaling changed her trading. She’s very gutsy to quit her job to focus on trading.

Very smart of her to trade options to hedge her stocks. It’s funny how life happens and you end up where you are.

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Thanks Dushimes. If you listen to Tessa interviewing Sunny Harris, it is interesting that Sunny said she could not go anywhere near options! It goes to show how many ways you can approach a market. When Tom Sosnoff was on Chat With Traders he was arrogantly asserting that trading options was THE ONLY way to make money and the rest was just b++++hit (or something to that effect). Again, nobody should dictate how one should trade, and these divergent approaches/opinions are exactly why one should find one’s one way in trading, wouldn’t you say?


Everyone has their own journey. People can say what they want, but it doesn’t mean anything. I can tell you how to trade, but I wouldn’t like it if you tell ME how to trade. How does that make sense?

Your trading has no effect on me. I don’t benefit from your wins, or suffer from your losses. So, arguing over strategy is pointless. At that point, it’s just about ego.

In respect to that, we could trade 0.01 lots against each other and post our results. But, if I win while scalping for 6 hours a day, while you swing traded for 30 minutes and spent your day time with love ones, who really wins?

If money makes me happy, I win. If spending time with loved ones makes you happy, you win.