Why we need more (good) female traders

[QUOTE=“shilpa;761388”]Reason being girls are patient so they can trade patiently.Trading requires patience and a trader should have patience!![/QUOTE]

That’s what she said^

I understand :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=“idimitrov;761271”]Motivation would be bigger if there was more female traders :d[/QUOTE]
Hihihi )). The women’s mind different than mans DEFINITELY , they can be rich all the way or take deep loss and pay for it on loan life

Meet Eva Antoniou, FX specialist amd Sales Manager at Trading Central:

Celebrating female leadership in FX: Eva Antoniou (Trading Central) - FinanceFeeds

…CEO of

‘The Trader Chick’:

About The Trader Chick - The Trader ChickThe Trader Chick

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[B]In this episode (no. 48) of ‘Chat with Traders’[/B], published on 26th April 2016,

radio host Aaron Fifield interviews the legendary trader and hedge fund veteran,

[B]Linda Bradford Raschke[/B]:


This is an interview worth listening to…


Right, i think without our unbeknownst, there are female trader in forex. Forex trading is flexible business so both female or male can trade in forex.

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Meet Nicola Duke, professional swing trader in London and PM at Schneider Investments.

Hear her story here:

Her Twitter:


Maybe, female do better trading compared to a man. They make sure that is everything is set before they start trading, unlike man sometime are too aggressive to do trading even sometimes they don’t have knowledge about trading.

Excessive risk-taking and aggressive behaviour are more typical of a certain male culture,

therefore it is legitimate to ask: is it possible that by encouraging large numbers of men

to work in a closed environment (e.g. an investment bank) there is an increased risk to

the wider financial system, as they escalate these individual characteristics to a collective,

corporate level?

Boys’ Club Image Overturned by Rise of Women Currency Traders - Bloomberg

Former city trader Victoria Pease on her sex-in-the-City bankbuster Playing FTSE | London Life | Lifestyle | London Evening Standard

LOL @ “her no-holds-barred account of being catcalled, hit on by married men, working punishingly long hours and snorting cocaine with colleagues”!

When I read stuff like this, I appreciate why my father wanted me to be an “independent” rather than an “institutional” trader. :7:

(She has some nice Louboutin shoes, though, it seems?).

Yes, your father saw the writing on the wall…and you can have Louboutins too, it seems, so nothing lost there, Doctor!

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BBC World Service - The Conversation, City Traders: Louise Dispo and Lucy ****ova

Listened to this interview yesterday, which was interesting…

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I just found another great interview with Raschke, here on Better System Trader:

049 - Trading Edges with Linda Raschke - Better System Trader

How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down - NYTimes.com

The first women-owned bond-trading platform will open soon:

OpenDoor becomes first women-owned bond trading platform | Financial Industry & Algorithmic Trading News | Automated Trader

Here is a little about its co-founder, Susan Estes:

How a Woman on a Bond Desk Deals With the Slights and Rises to the Top - WSJ

With apologies for a slight digression, this article isn’t specifically about traders, but has appeared today on the BBC’s website: [B]Are female leaders disadvantaged by media bias? - BBC News[/B] :8: