Why we need more (good) female traders


Check out the global network: WOMEN IN ETFs


"Women in ETFs is the first women’s group for the ETF industry. Founded in January 2014, WE is a non-profit organization that brings together over 3,200 members, including women and men, in chapters in major financial centers across the United States, Canada, EMEA and Asia Pacific to further the careers of women by leveraging our collective skill and ambition. "

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She is a derivatives trader at Vanguard, based in Philadelphia. Here she talks about her experiences, including what it was like to be the only woman in a team:



Twitter is an amazing place to find many, many successful femal traders.

Maybe through media’s eyes that it’s a male, dominant environment but let me tell you, there’s some amazing females absolutely smashing price action trading and posting verified trades over twitter.

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Thanks Paul, really good to read your comment here and I did post on Twitter-active female traders on this thread, most famously Rachel FOX (https://twitter.com/rachelgfox) who went from being a teen actress to a teen trader:


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A good early morning read for me. :nerd: Thanks for this @PipMeHappy!

Hay. :confused: This might be just random blabbering but whenever there are strong and powerful women, most people just assume they’re prostitutes or sleeping with powerful men. :confounded: As if they can’t be successful on their own, without sleeping with anyone. :sweat: (Of course, I have no way to prove whether the rumors were true.)


@ria_rose Thanks and goodnight from me (ten minutes to midnight over here)!

You are so right, because in the back of many people’s minds a woman’s place is behind a leading man,

so a leading woman is always seen as unusual and faults must be found in her character.

The usual tactic is to call a woman a sl+t and to insinuate that she has weaker morals, and is then fed to

the media for scandal stories… It works every time… The tropes used are usually the woman nurturer

(who by definition cannot be a leader), the seductress (who also cannot be a leader because who could

trust her with moral decisions?), the emotional mess (who cannot cope with the world, never mind with

political leadership), and so on. Very rarely do we see images of women portrayed as competent leaders,

and even with the best efforts people will still find a way to talk about their looks or clothes, rather than

their ideas.

Sadly women do this kind of thing too, and it has been shown that in tests there will always be women

who will choose a man over a woman for a leadership role, even with the male and female applicants having

equal qualifications and experience for the role.

What do you think about this?

Also, would you like to write a small blurb here about your experience of being a woman in trading,

and in a trading forum?

Thank you

Happy Trading

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I think @ria_rose is going to turn out good !

She came as a total Newb and has showed some cynicism and depth of thinking recently.

I don’t think it matters as to “Gender” - I have some hopes for the lady ! :sunglasses:


Maybe there many female traders. But they are more reserved than us (boys) so they prefer to focus about your trading, no time to post.
Honestly, i imagine female traders better traders than us because your skills to manage your money reducing risk is a skill greater than boys. Many of us prefer to take risk.

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How about we need more (Good ) stay at home Mothers. Most kids in America from the time they are out of diapers ( and often sooner) will find themselves warehoused in a daycare center, spending more waking hours each week with a daycare worker then their own mother’s , This is not a good trend and is having a negative effect on societ. At a time when we are moving towards job scarcity as automation and AI Robots are taking away our jobs, we don’t need Mom and Dad fighting over fewer and fewer jobs. Time to go back to traditional rolls , and if stay at home with the kids Mom wants to do a little trading on the side, I am all for that

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Karen Foo…

@Dennis3450 The important thing here for me is that we should not box women in as childbearers and men in as providers: it should be a personal choice. Nurseries/kindergardens are there for a reason, and we cannot demonise parents who use them. The rhetoric of ‘career women’ is unhelpful in that you never say ‘career men’: the assumption that ALL men want to be sole providers and ALL women want nothing more than being stay-at-home mothers is damaging to all those men and women who want to break away from the status quo. As a ‘stay-at-home dad’ I find that being a parent in the first two years of my child’s life has been immensely rewarding and I will really miss this time when she will start school: I wish that every father had this opportunity, and yet we keep paying men more, which perpetuates the cycle of couples having no choice but leaving the man to go to work and the woman to give up her job. That is not a choice, in that financially it is out of her hands.

Yeah it’s better choice to have female trader. It always keep your interest alive in trading and you may continue for longer period of time. They are conservative and tend to have better emotional control

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I think you are missing the fact that a great many children nowadays have no experience of a “male role model” in their lives - No “Dad” at all to fight with “mom” over jobs or not. Often e has already lost the fight for access to his kids and is now simply a “cash cow” - Paying “child support” without access, for most of his productive years. That may lead to an increasing velocity of “Diversity” from “the mean” (what we may think of as normal).

It may be true that Evolutionary psychology dictates the roles you suggest, but “this time it’s different”

Any of the multiple genders extant in society at the moment has equal “Rights” to claim “Abuse” by WASP males :laughing:

Nothing to be “done” about it mate - there is a great huge Bandwagon rolling away with more and more people Jumping on it !

Not a time for us “oldies” to get in the way of it, or try to change things - Human Generations have a way of “taking off” in various directions, maybe a couple of Generations down the path a Generation will emerge with a more traditional outlook, or maybe the “Liberated woman” will just refuse to have kids at all as per the article I linked to re China some posts back.

In the greater scheme of things - it doesn’t matter. The world is way over-populated and Malthus may yet be proven right - Perhaps we are seeing the early stages operation of Lovelock’s Gaia ridding itself of it’s infestation.

WHo knows ? I’ve done my bit, kids are grown and thriving (Well they would, I chose to have Girls ! :relaxed: )

Time to sit on the porch with a glass or two of sippin’ whiskey, put a few bets on and contemplate an interesting life past.

Ending the Viet nam “war” and backing the real emancipation of women, “Summer of love” - that was My time.

Maybe go fishin’ or mend the gate.

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And just who’s assumptions are you referring too, I never said any such thing and do not appreciate my handle being tagged to something I do not believe nor never said

I cannot let this one go, and no this is not a personal choice, it is biology

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@Dennis3450 it was not personal… it should never be in a debate… Thanks for keeping the tone civil, I think it is good to listen but disagree and take a view without getting too hot. It is okay to agree on some things and not on others… The point of this thread is not to prove a world view, but rather to try reporting news items about an under-represented group in finance.

Of course I have expressed my own views (it is my own thread) but I try to let other people have a conversation on here without stepping in every single time. And it would be great if those conversations, here or elsewhere, were had by aspiring/existing retail traders who happened to be women, but that cannot be engineered.

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Most women are smart, or at least very good at making the male choice of decisions to be wrong, when the time is right. No wonder why this is male dominated, women are typically far smarter…in hindsight :wink:

This is one reason why I’ve decided to not commit to a relationship whilst playing this game, in my humble view it’s unstable and totally unfair to allow the risk in a relationship. But, I’ve accepted the choice. It’s perhaps a personal choice, but a choice I can sleep at night with :slight_smile:

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