Will Shiba continue to rise or will it pull back?

Right and the sh!t I bought will still be sh!t haha. So it works out lol. I’m talking like cheap things that normally break after like a week or something.

Exactly. Like that dude who took out a $200k loan to buy DOGE. That’s insanity right there.

Depends on the timing of it all, right? If he got the timing right, genius. If he got it wrong, complete idiot. Sadly we tend to give winning gamblers maybe more accolades than we should be.

Have a watch of this feedback on an interaction a Youtube influencer had with a company possibly involved with Shiba Inu. It’s tough to know if this comes from the top, or another company potentially trying to scam/pump off of Shiba’s name.

This is what you have to be aware of when dealing with meme and social coins/tokens/projects. DYOR.

Honestly. We need more published cautionary tales of people selling their house only for their new pile of shitcoin to drop down to .00002 cents.

They’re out there but not many people will want to share such stories I think.

Shiba Inu definitely shocked us. It’s hard to tell whether it will grow or fall. It has definitely gained a lot of attention.

I certainly did not expect it to develop like it did. If I learned anything from that is that meme coins rule the market. At least until the next meme coin shows up. :smiley:

Yeah not good for the market but I think it should set realistic expectations for everyone else trying to become a millionaire from crypto trading.

I know right. Who knew we’d be talking about dog coins in 2021. :confused:

The confusing part is now more meme coins are coming out, but these teams are actually building, or at least planning to build, utility into the project. Real, legitimate utility, whether that be governance, NFT or some form of DeFi.

You definitely need to do your own research.

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It could be worse. SQUID coin turned out to be a complete and total scam after all. People invested millions in it because they thought they were legit. :unamused:
Why all these coins are named after animals though, that’s beyond me.

Because of Squid Game! Have you seen that show? I’ve only seen one episode lol

I think this was more about a quick buck. Or an easy buck.

No, I haven’t seen the show but I am mostly aware of what it is about through cultural osmosis online. :smiley:
I confess it sounds too violent for my taste.

Same. Didn’t really appeal that much to me. Perhaps due to its dark nature/level of violence lol.

Shiba is a cryptocurrency that has seen a significant rise in price over the past few months. Use proper technical analysis and all the available information to forecast whether Shiba will continue to rise or pull back. Don’t rely on others to make predictions for you.

Perhaps. Nobody can tell for sure. It has definitely gained a lot of attention from investors and traders since its last spike. We can only speculate and rely on our analysis. Hopefully, it will surprise us all again.

Still more upside to come I believe

Owing to its high volatility and instability in the crypto currency market, Shiba Inu is a suitable cryptocurrency for crypto trading day. Recently, it has crossed one million users or crypto investors with one million digital wallets. Crypto investors focus of this cryptocurrency for yielding revenue in short term.

Crypto investors focus on Shiba cryptocurrency for yielding revenue in short term.

Shiba Inu is down 6.60% in the last 24 hours.