Will This Work? Why Don't People Do This?

i have found a company, with a large membership fee… however after a 2 week trial it is evident that they are actually a good company, providing all training, live trading room and signals. After analysis of their past 3 years of trading history, they have consistently made profits - they employ an expert to be in the live trading room 24/7 (shifts etc).

They have shown me that the previous month was one of their worst, with 1200 pip profit over the month.

If i sign up, and start a $5000 trading account, i can essentially take all the trades they take, make money and learn the art of trading from some proven professionals over the next few years.

I am not trying to make a billion dollars, but would like to eventually be able to move towards trading forex as a career and i see this as an excellent way to learn whilst being profitable… removing the doubt and the mistakes that new traders have.

My only problem is that i don’t understand how much 1200 pips is when turning it in to $.

and with a $5000 trading account, i don’t know how many bad trades in a row i can take before the funds are gone entirely? In case a 20 bad trade streak occurs. Obviously stop loss’s should stop this from happening, but taking a lot of hits over and over could be devastating.

There are many companies like this going about. Personally though, I go by the opinion, try to make it yourself (i.e. studying and demo systems yourself, see what works for you).

Also, just opinion, but that kind of consistent pip numbers sounds a bit high.

For the money this company wants for the trading room/training and signals etc… it would want to be that high haha.

here is a link to the latest data i was sent.

To be honest, I would be sceptical of any spreadsheets of data (at least where something is being sold). I could type one up showing 1 million pip gains every 5 mins…

This is not to say it is bogus, just on the low side of probability!

How much is this anyway? Have they given you a trial?

May wanna edit that link out.

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the company is legit, after having a trial and speaking with the members and the experts, it’s an amazing environment…

could anyone put a monetary figure on this at all? I wont edit the link, as it’s obviously not selling anything, and i can guarantee it’s accuracy as i have seen experts involved trading, and all results are emailed / sms’d as they happen, if it wasn’t legitimate they would have an impossible time covering it up.

i wont say who the company is, because they don’t openly advertise the price, and it seems to function on a more word of mouth basis, but it’s around $4k AUD, then an ongoing monthly fee for the trading room access.

I’m trying to figure out how (Hypothetically) if 1200 pips per month was a low amount, how much would that translate in to $.

as this would change for each currency traded and depending on the value of the currency at the time of trade, i would divide up the currencies in that spreadsheet and apply a different formula for each one for each individual trade on that spreadsheet to get a monetary figure… is there a calculator on the net that can do this kind of thing?

I require a rough estimation, so i can figure out the return on investment and how much i should put in to my trading account to cover losses etc

but i don’t know what the formula would be.

If you look in the babypips school, they have how to calculate pip value and the calculation.

Good luck

And the pip value will obviously vary from trader to trader depending not only on account size but also on percentage risk taken per trade. I take 1% risk per trade, so it would be easy (if somewhat longwinded!) to go through the list manually and calculate how many pips between Entry and Stop, then divide 1% of the account by that, that is your pip size. Then work out the gain on profitable trades, and the loss on losing trades. It would obviously take some time as the account size would vary from each trade, as it would either have gone down by 1% following a loss, or have increased by however much was gained on the preceding win. Given that both account size and percentage risked vary from trade to trade (and risk is determined by you), I can’t see that any formula will exist that you could apply to this spreadsheet and give you a number for how much you would have made or lost for the account size and risk you would have applied to the trades. Happy to be wrong, but there are too many variable for a single formula, surely?

Hello little reality check. By the date their R:R is 1 : 1.5; Win ration 54%;200 trades per month; So every mounth you would have 108 winning trades and 92 losing ones; Risking 1% for every trade without compounding you would have a profit of 3500; risking 2% a 5400 gain; This is without compounding; with numbers would be much greater. Their R:R is avarage, win ratio also avarage, the 200 trades per month would mean 10 trades per day every working day. These numbers does not look very special, but with possitive expectancy and big enough sample size profit comes… Well with that said i would not trust any similar services :slight_smile: