Will you guys be trading during this week and the week after the US elections?

Ooooh! :open_mouth: That sounds interesting! I hope you can also share your findings with us. :blush:

Good luck with that trade! :smiley:

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I’m largely staying away until the 9th November now. Especially with EA trading.

Will be trading currencies only as this has been my best week in 2 months as the risk off mood really came into play. Trying to primarily stick to 2 pairs at most. I’m done with stocks until after the election, loll the past two weeks have been killing me.

Good information thanks for sharing

Yea I might I don’t really know? :thinking:

I am planning to take a calculated risk. I will be opening some positions but not planning to trade much. So, I will be going long in Crypto since it seems to be unaffected by the elections. Hoping it to cross 14k mark soon.

For those of you who traded last night, how did things go?

I’m still on the sidelines at least until next week and possibly longer.

Didn’t trade. Like you I’ll prob wait until the week after next…

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I’m already in and won’t change that until things go where I want irrespective of the election outcome.

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I made some money on AUD longs which made up for me missing the Dow cash longs - I was taken by surprise when the Dow shot up before the election even started. But I’d have rather have been long on the Dow.

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Actually, I understand the election result has not yet been called. As the Americans don’t know who will be their next president, technically I still have a chance. I have been out hiking for the day and am home now and will be keeping my phone on just in case.

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I am happy I stayed out of any USD trades. Unless you have a wide SL then it would be a pretty wild ride for sure.
I’m still holding on to 4 other positions, which are bouncing around, so just trying not to look at them too much for the next day or 2.

My Stocks, however, are doing very well.

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Indeed. Didn’t put in any new trades this week though. Did you?

Why do you think that happened? :open_mouth:

It was completely unexpected. I now see the bookmaker I use here in the UK also started to favour Trump. They reversed their odds from Trump 2.5:1 and Biden 1.5:1 to Trump 1.4:1 and Biden 2.4:1. What caused this I do not know.

Hi, stayed up last night and at midnight in the UK the dollar rose in strength over every currency, so i placed multiple orders against all currencies and sell orders in gold and made very good profit in the half hour it lasted, then traded it going back the other way, so trading can be done in a volatile market, you just need to be careful :smiley: Adrian.

GBP/JPY has been pretty volatile over this time too.

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Yes, all 4 current trades were opened Monday and Tuesday.

That’s an interesting point. So, I’m actually trading, but super small positions. It’s more about trading than about profit. I see the NZD/USD is ranging on the M15.

Also, I’m trying to straddle some major pairs with super wide stops. But only 0.01 lots. 10% is 10% regarless of lot size.

I also wanted to keep lot sizes small in case price gaps and misses my SL.

Hi, it is time to summarize the recent events, my theory has been confirmed, the strategies have worked well :slight_smile: Regards Greg