Women and Forex Trading: These 4 Ladies Talk About Their Trading Journey


I’m curious, you’ve been addicted (perhaps of a better word) around the female agenda of traders for quite some time, right? Why is this so important to you that you keep pursuing such a topic, i’m just curious. Is there some underlying reason, or are you also just curious to see what the community thinks?

Hello BaconS.

There is nothing particularly interesting about how I got into this discussion, it was

(and is) something that I feel it is important to address.

I now just tinker around the edges because I have already given as much time

and as many posts to this topic as I could, and I have also seen enough discussion

around the thread to know what other views there are on this from this particular


For a while I kept posting things but nobody would reply, so now that a few people

have taken notice and that moderators/admins have spawned a few related threads

of their own, it feels like there is genuinely more interaction around this topic, which

was one of my aims.

Apart from that, I grew up in a household where women had the biggest influence

and presence, so I have always felt more comfortable around women and in a way

it is perhaps this that makes me really feel it is important to me that women are

not treated like second class citizens in certain areas.

There is a wider topic to be discussed, of course, which is how to challenge the binary

man=careerist/aggressor and woman=housewife/nurturer, which may be said to be

based around a wealth of real-life evidence but it has a damaging flip-side of boxing

people into cages: fathers in court are as credible as women in presidential positions.

This seems to me an undesirable state of affairs, and it is ever more obviously wrong

when confronted with the youthful enthusiasm of children and early adults who care

little for societal expectations of what ‘to be a man’ or ‘to be a woman’ should be.

I personally never felt at ease with the stereotypes paraded in the media for men

and women - men broodingly driving cars with little to say; women washing floors

or pouting in the latest shade of lip gloss - because they are a reduction to the

N degree of what being men or being women could be, which is a huge range

and with ample crossover.

While I think that we cannot just will away or legislate out certain behaviours, it

is important that we try to raise awareness of them so that people at least stop

to ask themselves why they are doing what they are doing. Cultural change

is often what leads to legislative change, rather than simply making new laws

without the necessary cultural shift to support them. Unfortunately just having

laws in the statute books is not the end goal, because they need to be implemented

and enforced, and also there need to be intelligent employers, for example, who

do not try everything in the book to avoid implementing new legislation.

So to answer your question: this is why this topic is important to me, and not, as some

cynical bystander has put it, to ‘get the chicks’, the most unimaginative put-down there

could ever be. It is not a popularity contest or virtue signalling, or I would not have

lasted this long on the topic. The fact that it has become such a long thread is to do

with how I feel about this, and I will continue to feel strongly about this regardless of

whether I continue posting on it here.


PipMH, no argument from me, if fact i’m amazed at some of the negative comments around the forum about this thread,

Relating what your saying to trading an associate of mine uses a psyc metaphor about bad trading habits what did your “mom” teach you. Habits are so deeply ingrained and so hard to correct is why Forex has so many bad gamblers. I know I’m one of them and the struggle is very hard and excruciating to “man up”.

I’m not sure but I think women have a great ability to shrug it off and move on to the core. Kathy Lien is a good example and role model for traders but women specifically.

Maybe BP could contact various successful trader wemon and do a highlight on them one at a time. There are already several sites where basically men are featured, don’t think we need more…


thanks for this! I’ll definitely look Kathy up. I actually feel pretty good about being one of the only female traders around lol makes me just want to do better and improve my trading skill


@justshell and @midwest thanks for the comments!

I did feature Kathy Lien on my thread but she was also featured on this other thread

She used to be chief currency strategist at DailyFX (when DailyFX was part of FXCM) before she left and her place was taken by John Kicklighter.

She is one of the more recognisable faces of professional traders who are both specialised in currencies as well as being… female.

There are other names, for example from around post no.40 on my thread, that you may never have heard of… but all successful female traders or money managers. . . The fact that they are not famous like the Omaha Oracle does not make them less of a role model for someone, somewhere.

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Well Hello Ladies!

Finally! we have our own dedicated Forex Women thread. Thanks to @Penelopip for putting this together and also thanks to our friend @PipMeHappy for starting this discussion years ago way before the #metoo movement :slight_smile:

If you were to ask me “ What is that ONE teaching lesson that I would like to share to those who are just starting out ?” is this… Never under estimate the POWER of CONSISTENCY and here is why:

Everyone is going to start somewhere and it will be right at the bottom. Either way, you have to start. Every little progress you’ve made no matter how big or small it is, when compounded , it will give you the confidence and the courage to do a little bit more next time then again and again… rinse and repeat. You do that overtime eventually you will achieved your goal…

As you have read above, these lovely ladies have the same common traits such as: they are calm and collected; they are patience; they truly study and apply what they are learning and observing; intuition is one of the strongest trait for female and when it is use correctly, they can see and envision way before it happens; they have a plan and follow the plan and take action; they are not afraid to ask for help; they appreciate the learning curve and the journey than winning itself. Why? Because achieving the Goal is more important than focusing on the plan.

Here’s what I’ve learned about Goal:

Goal setting is not about what you will be “GETTING “ … it is about who you are BECOMING through out this process…

Women have so many gifts, traits, characters, and talents that they can contribute in the financial industry and corporate society. Thankfully, we are seeing the “ SHIFT” of this trend outside. Our hard work and performance starting to notice. We still have a lot of work to do but with CONSISTENCY, eventually, we will get there …

Great job Ladies :blush:



Finding Consistency

An amazing young lady - pipnroll always spoke sense here, hopefully she will pop back from time to time between her travels.


Thank you so much for this babypips and @Penelopip! Sorry I’m so late. I was sick and I’ve been catching up with work, life, and trading. :sweat_smile: