World Politics, Good Or Bad

Isn’t it a DEMOROCY for either party to hold the other party accountable for any criminal action? As we all know, their own party won’t hold themselves accountable for any criminal actions, The republicans have already affirmed this same right and have stated they will hold both biden and hunter biden accountable for any criminal actions.

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You’re comparing the lethality of a bullet with political defamation/sabotage? I don’t understand your comparison. I apologize.

Besides, getting killed doesn’t negate the effort and accomplishment of MLK.


No need to apologize, but you brought up MLK, I just pointed out how he was stop.


He was stopped by a bullet. There’s not much fight anyone can put up against a bullet. A bullet is not the same as an opposing political party, or public opinion.

MLK persisted, gained a following, and lead the nation to change for the better. No political party was able to stop him. The only thing that could stop him was lethal violence.

My point was that Tump’s story is similar.


For this statement to hold true, The evidence they are presenting in the case must show no criminal behavior, and trump now bears the burden of proof

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I think is was political but that’s just my opinion, there has been many reports about that. who knows


Well, in that case…


I gave my opinion on the hush money thing, but i would love to see all 30 counts in this case

There must be more to the story than hush money, if not, they should have just let it go.

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When I say this, I’m not referring to comments that make his fans even more angry than they already are.

He lives on his words, now he needs proof.

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i don’t think “hush money” is illegal anyway, is it?

i think the problem might be that if it goes through the books as “legal expenses”, there might be a question of fraudulent accounting involved?

but if, as you say, there are 30 charges, probably there’s more to it than just that?

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you don’t get 30 accounts for hush money, there is more to the story, maybe the so called lame-stream media is keeping that quiet as well :point_left:


Trump to be arraigned Tuesday to face hush money indictment

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump will be arraigned Tuesday after his indictment in Manhattan, his formal surrender and arrest presenting the historic, shocking scene of a former U.S. commander in chief forced to stand before a judge.

Court officials confirmed the timing on Friday. When Trump turns himself in, he’ll be booked mostly like anyone else facing charges, mugshot and all. But he isn’t expected to be put in handcuffs, he’ll have Secret Service protection and will almost certainly be released that day.

As Trump and his lawyers prepared for his defense, the prosecutor in his hush money case defended the grand jury investigation that propelled him toward trial while congressional Republicans painted it all as politically motivated.

“We urge you to refrain from these inflammatory accusations, withdraw your demand for information, and let the criminal justice process proceed without unlawful political interference,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg wrote to three Republican House committee chairs Friday in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

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A joke? Really

Lindsey Graham says Trump should ‘smash some windows’ and ‘punch a cop’ on his way to being booked

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham joked that Trump should “punch a cop” on his way to being booked in Manhattan.
  • He said that Trump would then “avoid prosecution” and be “released IMMEDIATELY!”
  • It was an apparent joke about DA Alvin Bragg’s criminal justice-focused policies.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says he’s got a plan to keep former President Donald Trump from being prosecuted after being indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan on Thursday — assaulting a police officer and engaging in robbery.

“How can President Trump avoid prosecution in New York?,” asked Graham on Twitter. “On the way to the DA’s office on Tuesday, Trump should smash some windows, rob a few shops and punch a cop.”

The senator added: “He would be released IMMEDIATELY!”

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I’m against any charge for hush money, rich individuals either pay ladies to stay silent or pay them to disappear or both

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Perfect example of this, is tiger woods

A superyacht named “Privacy” and an NDA for his personal chef: Tiger Woods longtime obsession with keeping his life private

Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend Erica Herman claims he evicted and abused her, but she has an NDA- Non Disclosure Agreement

Woods’s desire for privacy has come up in tabloids, court filings, even the name of his yacht.

A new law invalidating NDAs that prevent speaking about sexual abuse could pierce Woods’s privacy.

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Mr Trump will most likely be arrested and placed in jail on no bond, this is done at the discretion of the judge.

This is sad because I mean we watched video of Hunter Biden smoking crack with prostitutes and we’ve watched video of Joe Biden using his influence to make payoffs to get paid etc.

The system is corrupted and the economy is crumbling.

When it all crashes down it’s game over


That’s not going to happen

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D.C.'s Mayor Was Arrested for Smoking Crack

After a six-month stint in federal prison, Barry—the “mayor for life” who served from 1979 to 1991—returned briefly to the private life. But in 1994 he was again elected by city residents to a four-year term as mayor. Barry is now a member of the city council.

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We are now forming a One world government. The internet has caused this, because now we are able to do business between nations and we are able to commit international crimes where we are untouchable as criminals.

Our new government will be NATO and the world economic forum.

There are laws being passed right now that will cause you to be prosecuted criminally for saying something that is not allowed on the internet.

are you? good luck with that

you couldn’t, before? others seemed to be able to …

most countries have had laws for decades that already cover that - fortunately for those of us not so keen on people promoting terrorism, inciting racial hatred, and other similar things

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