Would BabyPips members use this 'Tinder for Forex' App or am I wasting my time?

At the moment I have created a ‘Tinder for Stocks’ itunes.apple.com/us/app/financeswipe/id1068916476?ls=1&mt=8. I am thinking of extending the app for Forex picks and adding some new features.

What problem am I solving? At the moment there are Forex plays all around the web. For example from BabyPips and other websites. Imagine if a lot of these ideas could be found in one central place and at the same time they are presented to you in a Tinder format (500 characters max).

e.g a BabyPips idea in note form and then if you like the idea you can click a ‘read more’ icon to see the full play on BabyPips website.

The other feature I want to add is a search database.

Imagine if you could search by:
-Currency Paid (e.g. USD/GBP)
-Search by Direction (e.g. Long or Short)
-Search by Analysis (e.g. Fundamental Analysis/Technical Analysis or Both)

e.g you could enter $USD/GBP, LONG, Technical Analysis and the app would search all the ideas posted for that certain criteria. Then you would be able to see plays from BabyPips and other Forex analysis sites in a swipable format.

Am I creating something useful here for the BabyPips users or am I wasting my time?

Thank you I appreciate any feedback and views!

Hello and welcome!!

Personally I woud love that.

Is it going to be available on Android devices too?

Thank you! Nice to meet you been reading some of your threads.

I appreciate the feedback. It will be on iPhone initially with a view to test the product. Afterwards an Android version will be created.

Is no-one else interested in the idea?