Would you post your winning strategy on babypips?

That he does not hype things makes me want to believe him more :rofl: His attitude might also be one of his strengths in trading psychology.

Japanese culture is very traditional and Ichimoku was made by a Japanese. Might be one of the reasons why he has studied it. Either way it is fresh to see someone go that deep into it yes!

During his live trading you can see he looks further than a regular retail trader would. He must have a lot of experience.

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“The optimal use of the strategy lies within the way the user thinks” -

Indeed. Great thought!

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I can post my performance claims but not my profitable strategy that took me months - years of both trial and error and also wanting to back out, before getting to know what works.

This is a business of Fortune. Traders should dig dip for the gold

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For the traders who refuse to post their strategies - I make no judgements as to whether you are right or wrong. But I hope we all see clearly what are our motivations and obstructions.

Firstly, there is a linkage between hard work (developing a strategy) and success. Which seems strangely puritanical amongst a group of people who are currency traders. Religious movement of various colours have placed hard work as a virtue. But generally they meant as a virtue for the society as a whole. Very few religious movements have elevated personal profit and wealth to the highest esteem, whether it came from hard work or not.

Secondly, knowledge gained from hard work is something you can give away and still retain. So although if you grow a lot of grain and give it away, you cannot eat it yourself - but if you give away the knowledge of how to grow so much grain, then you have helped your society and you can still grow enough grain to eat yourself anyway. So your society is richer and you are not poorer.

What you think?


God bless all the transparent souls

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Ontario, it is actually exactly the opposite. The more traders are looking for the signals of a particular strategy and acting on them, the bigger the chances there will be a follow through and the startegy will eventually work. As simple as that.

Ahh pips I thought you was going to get all philosophical I thought you was going to make everyone smile

That last part does make you think. Interesting :face_with_monocle:

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How about a post to share material for specific strategies? Like this we do not have to give away all we know for free, but the interested ones will be put into a certain direction with studying to become profitable. In stead of running around, they have a clear path as they know what they are studying. The ones who are lazy will not be able to do it. The ones who truly persevere can build a strategy for themselves.

This is possible, if we are allowed to post links…

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i would have thought,posting a “profitable” strategy on here with integrity, you would have to be a confident /experienced trader or someone deluded. Take Tommor for example he been trading for decades people here still doubt that he profitable maybe they think he just likes trading forum s


I’m happy to admit I don’t give away all I know for free. No solid objection to doing that, its just that it doesn’t really help. People have to adapt their strategies through use and experience. And who am I to tell other traders what to do anyway?

I always post the basic outline of a strategy because it helps me define to myself what i want to do and I often get valuable feedback from babypips members. That way we help each other. Many times a post from me has been responded to by another member which took the debate off in a direction I might never have thought of sitting alone at home.

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I might give away portions that I think might be useful but I think largely giving away one’s strategy isn’t helpful as each person’s strategy is personal to them and as such serves only them.

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I see where you are coming from. The more open you are, the more there is to discuss here. Hence you are able to get more feedback. I agree with this. However this is not the case with me. It will just cloud my own trading. You can not give me feedback, unless you have studied and experienced smart money trading way more than I do. It is too specific.

But like I said, if anyone has questions, I am willing to answer them. At least to push others in the right direction.

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Some people would take the strategy use it and profit by thankful and appreciative.
Others would change it , have a losing trade and ridicule you here and in other forums so I’m afraid I wouldn’t

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@tommor I always adore your way of expressing things. I think its on a trader to share what he/she did to get the desired results. Few of them shares, thinking other will get the idea but few wants to reach to an opinion that might sync with their trading style and can generalize the ideas further. But in the end as a trader I think one must not blindly believe on the strategies shared here as risk to rewards can be different when analyzing things on individual basis.

I appreciate those too who post their details strategies here to help others as in today’s time understanding market seems more tricky than making a trade and learn by that.


I have noticed too that in the case of offering people assistance in fx or investing in general when you give them a blue print or strategy they will then literally ask for signals so when you give a losing one that’s it your called out no appreciation


Yeah, ryt! It’s a human nature. But what we can do is accepting the criticism in a positive way.

There are people who post methods and trades, (one of my favourites so far being the Alg262 for the 4HR).
(My Price Action Trading Strategy)

What you notice, is that once the poster stops posting, others don’t keep the thread going.
I suspect, newbies are really looking for signals, rather than knowledge that can be taken away.

All good stuff though.

Also, the thread about “Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis” is mostly being driven by one or two key posters.
Difficult to tell how much anyone is taking away without trades being displayed.


That’s a great thread!

I like training people for free in exchange for loyalty as they become consistent to help my company scale