XRP Pump anyone?

Good evening all, checking back in on XRP trade. Last time I looked at this pair I entered long on the retest of the break out. Got stopped out at entry on that position with the bearish big candle. But watched it close with a nice 50% candle and demand zone form so I took the buy again on the candle close at virtually the same price level. Currently 943 pips up on this position, hearing good things for the XRP court cases and re listings so we might see TP hit. I’ve moved SL into 400 pips profit this time to secure some of the bag, if you caught this one too then id suggest to do the same. Break above supply is what’s needed next before the push to TP. GLIYF

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Seems like the break out has began… Let’s see if all of these XRP moonboys are correct!! Will we see $100?

Was only yesterday when I updated on XRP. But during the day and over the course of today we have seen a great bullish push in this pair. TP was almost hit. I have taken profits just under TP. I would suggest to secure the bag for yourself if you followed the setup. Or close half and leave half running. Looks likes we could see a longer bull push, but you never know. So ill be waiting to buy again if we get a little pullback. GLIYF

With 45 billion in circulation, that would put it’s market cap at nearly $1 trillion, just behind btc. Highly unlikely in the near term.

Hi, I had printed out a “before and after” similar to yours but with a longer timeframe. I am looking for comments on technical analysis. I have attached the document with two graphs snipped from Coingecko (TradingView?). I have made the assumption that the possible breakout price could be as high as the difference between the low and high prices within the pennant flag, so am expecting the local high price to reach $1.20 before a retracement. I am in XRP for long term, and if we saw $100 that would be 2 x my fund required to fully retire. LOL. 05Apr21 XRP before breakout.docx (353.8 KB)

It’s usually Bitcoin I am reporting on with massive movement. But yet again today its XRP taking the stage. I had a small position left open after taking profits yesterday. I’m glad i did, as XRP has mooned straight through TP2. It’s moved so fast I didn’t even see it rise so much, so I am still holding currently. I will continue to hold if we close above this supply and possibly look to close and re enter if support forms here for a further move north. Hopefully you held it along with me as you will be deep in profits now. Secure the bag and let it ride. Could we see the next weekly supply zone above? GLIYF

Hi Leebax,
Just read your first post on this thread back in January. I was lucky enough to have XRP before they went ballistic, and sold them at double. I then re-entered, half at around $0.25 then later another half at around $0.52. I just set a sell order to sell 1/5 of my XRP holding at $1.06 and that was filled about an hour after I placed the order when the price was $0.96. I was pretty pleased with that. The funds obtained are to be used to kick off the new trading part of my Crypto portfolio which to date has concentrated on long term holding since last May. For me, Crypto has managed to do what past Forex or stock trading has never managed to do - make profit. I will shortly post on the journal pages a new journal journey into Crypto trading, using most knowledge gained in Forex trading. Happy days for XRP holders. :laughing:

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The XRP Army are in on the game :grin:

Well these are the weeks you live to trade for. XRP has smashed through all our TP zones. Been a very good week return wise for the accounts. The trades have been relatively easy to take and they had some easy technical in them to follow. I had my TP line there and left it to hit for over 4K pips. I would only be interested in buying if it came back down to the entry price area again. Or a break and retest above. But for now I will wait and enjoy the pips banked. Hope many of you managed to catch it along with me. GLIYF

Nice amount of pips locked in. Very bullish daily today so could go anywhere.

What’s going on with XRP? Popping like crazy!

My limit order (Sell XRP, buy BTC) yesterday was filled this morning at 2760 satoshis. Bought 17Feb21 for 1060 satoshis, it is a very nice unleveraged outcome. We received 0.1003 BTC for 3,650 XRP and paid 0.038 BTC for the XRP in February. That is our April target achieved, and more.

So over 150% gain, if my math is right. Wow!

Good afternoon all. Looking back in on XRP today. If you were a believer in the Bull run and held onto your original position then you would of seen some heavy returns. Price smashed through the 2 TP zones I had marked up. I said on my last post that my interest in buys would be a drop back to demand or a break and retest of supply. Which is exactly what we got with the break above supply. then the daily close above supply. I then entered another buy on the re-test of that zone and mimicked the previous TP to the next supply zone above. Really easy trading to take. I advise the same possible next trades. Buy from demand or the break and retest. GLIYF

Not yet, though I wouldn’t mind exploring it. I guess a little diversification won’t hurt.

Back in this morning at 2090 satoshis. I’m a sucker for volatility!

Given that XRPUSD formed a hammer candlestick with a really long “handle” (lower shadow) on the daily chart, trying to buy the dip here isn’t a bad entry. :+1:

Hi Pippo,
What started off as a joke 3 days ago when I was trying to teach my son what NOT to do with rules, has become a bit of a problem for me. I was “buying into the dip” with DOGE and made five consecutive ladders in (for very small money) telling him “never to catch falling knives”. But I have to say that it resulted in a relatively huge gain, and repeated twice since. By no means am I recommending this, but when you see your entry about 2mm above the bottom of the wick, you don’t half feel like a smart ass :slight_smile: Pride cometh before a fall.

Buying that dip looked like it worked out…

Now let’s see if the price can rise and break the previous high or if it’ll run out of energy and form a lower high.

I analyzed the top 60 Cryptos by market cap. 15 of them have yet to break their 2018 or ICO all time highs, and XRP is one of those. To me, if a currency has survived three years and has not yet gone out of existence, it is fair game for pure speculation. Though XRP’s recent low is about 1/3 of its ATH, I added at 2090 satoshis and it is now around 2700. My plan is to take half off at 3135 (+50%) and let the rest ride to the moon.