Yes! I found the holy grail, I've got the magic sauce, I'm going to be rich!

Bet that got your attention :slight_smile:

Today I’ve been trying to test some recovery strategies in a demo account, so I’ve been trying to enter into some positions that are not completely hopeless, but badly timed etc. Tell you what I’ve never had so many winning trades, so far I’ve picked about 20 trades, and 20 have hit their profit stop!!!

The trick to winning is obviously trying to **** it up, what more can I say.

here ya go buddy… well after three years of experience of forex trading and even working for a fx broker for 2 years, I have started having conviction that this market is so arbitrary. I saw some accounts grew from 50K to 450K in few months but then sank to 0 in few weeks. havent seen any account that made consistent profit. I think the only way to make money on forex is to get caught! in a nice trend for few months, rip the market off as much as you can meanwhile then get out and never come back… however that easy money making instinct of forex will eventually drag you back to the market and make you lose way more than you could possibly earn… I dont think anyone could make living just trading forex. this is my humble opinion after 3 years in this business. maybe I am so early to say this maybe I am wrong but that is what I have seen so far…

Not sure how sustainable that is, but if it works for you. I would just recommend that you try this a bit longer :).