Yes i'm a newbie

Yep. I am definately a newbie. I’m in IT. I am originally from Chicago however I am currently living in Brazil. I love it down here but I am ready to come back. I had a company down here however with the Brazilian economy going to sh… I have lost alot of money. I truly hope this will be my calling. I have a B.S. in Mathmatics and a masters in physics. I have a friend that tells me that I would be a wiz at this. I hope he’s right.

Greetings kartelwest1 and welcome to the world of forex trading! sorry to hear things didn’t work out for down in Brazil, but hopefully you’ll have much better success with te currencies. Good luck in the School of Pipsology and remeber that completing that is only the first milestone of many on your new found journey. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint… take the time to learn it right and find the style that works best for you!