Ying-Yang Charting

My charts have no indicator just Ying-Yang patterns and S/R levels. Is there anything else you need in trading if the charts could tell you when to buy or sell and when to exit? In addition, the stop loss level?

After developing this charting method, I discovered and experienced what the experts have been saying about the importance of money management and trading psychology.

Discipline and money management along can make you a successful trader not the methods/system.

I welcome your comments!

Eh, could you tell me what Ying-Yang Patterns are? I don’t use indicators either, did u make it up on your own? No worries if you don’t want to share it eh! But I would be interested to see what it is even though it probably won’t work for me unless I constantly study the thing. If I could incorporate a technique then I’m all for it. Anyways just curious.

Have a good one Eh!

4/26/07 2-3am(NYT) Sell GBP @ below 2.0050

4/27/07 2-3am (NYT) Buy GBP @ above 1.9890

The real success lies in between what you do during the time frame when Yang turns Ying and vice versa.

System turns Ying @ 2.0026 around 10am NYT. Start selling or stay out due to strong uptrend.

Final Update for 4/26-27:

Had one losing trade of buying from 1.9985 before 12:00 NYT, and two wining trades after reversing @1.9975 to sell and reverse to buy @1.9965 till closing.

Again, you can do better than the system.

Have a good weekend.(could have started much earlier! and should if not for system posting sake.)

Basic system posting is completed for the week.

3:00 am Sell GBP @1.9947-51
Stop out @ 1.9928 after chart reached a low of 1.9889
Will buy above 1.9945

Out @2.0015

Great job!

How exactly do these Ying Yang patterns work? How would I recognize them?

Buy GBP @2.0006 @3 am(NYT) stop below 1.9985.

@ above @2.0024

Chart turns Ying @ 2.055

@1.9992 if you want to trade the afternoon trend, set stop below 1.9980.

@1.9992 stop below 1.9980, if you want to participate afternoon trend, be nimble.

1.9900, Only To Buy When It Gets Above 1.9955.

3:00 am got stopped in to buy GBP @ 1.9905, stop is 1.9895

Got out trade @ 1.9933 stop at 1.9922 to sell short. (edited at 9:55 nyt)

Stay short, stop is 1.9905 (11:20 nyt)