Your opinion on Ichimoku

Thank you :slight_smile: I still find it hard to use MACD though. I’m still a beginner in a learning process.

I haven’t used it much myself, there’s a lot to memorize about this signal, and it’s too much for my eyes and curls. I’m sure it is a useful indicator though, seems very well thought out the only problem is that it tailored for JPY pairs, although I’m sure a big of work could make it suitable for non JPY pairs

What indicator is best then? :slight_smile:

It is my opinion that there is no “best indicator” because all indicators do provide false signals. It is better to use different indicators together to try string a clearer picture of where price may be heading. I use stoch, macd, bands and RSI at the moment

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Indicators - what every newbie wants to make use of

Did you know: People who have years of experience in trading often say they don’t use indicators but did when they started initially.

Do you know why? Well indicators are always lagging and tend to give you signals when smart money are no longer in the market thus a reversal just after you enter the trade (you will notice this later in your journey if you dwell on indicators)

An indicator in my opinion should consist of only about 10% or less of the entire trading strategy.

@anon46773462 I don’t think that I am an expert on Ichimoku but I would try to provide relevant information to her.

As you said @Gly that you are a beginner, I hope you would have completed the School of Pipsology’s course by now.

I don’t know why are you interested to use Ichimoku indicator in your trading, while most of the people think it as the most complicated system?

However, if you are really interested,in Ichimoku you may get the copy of Ichimoku Charts by Nicole Elliott or Trading with Ichimoku Clouds by Manesh Patel.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to purchase above two Books, then you may get a basic understanding of Ichimoku from this pdf link

I am sure that above link would be helpful to you in understanding the basics of Ichimoku Cloud.


Yea, the indicators I use are bollinger bands, MA, and RSI right now

Thanks for that @anon58863749, i hope it is of some help to @Gly. And of course the BP search function also produces lots of links to other discussions here about ichimoku…


thank you so much. :slight_smile:

And what should consists the remaining 90%? Thanks! :wink:

I have started using Ichimoku recently.
Checked a lot of youtube videos.
Very helpful.
Don’t know how successful I will be but at the moment
its all going well.
Fingers crossed.

I have heard many opinions that it is useful but takes a while to learn how to use it. I have never used it much because I found it clutters my charts too much and I prefer them clearer.

Edit: @Gly I have found an informative thread on regarding Ichimoku. Here is the link of it for those who are interested

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If you’re thinking about it I would strongly recommend studying the indicator and applying it. IKH is commonly used by commodities traders, among other professionals. It’s a critical component of my trading process. I don’t use any other indicators. I studied and tried other types but nothing ever came close to producing consistent results. I suggest this book: How to Make Money Trading the Ichimoku System: Guide to Candlestick Cloud Charts.

The most important take away from the book is to not enter a trade unless all components are in alignment. I’ve found that, if nothing else, it filters out the weak trades. I’ve seen my trade probabilities improve significantly in the last two years.

Ichimoku is very popular in Japan and Japan has very large number of retail forex traders. It is very effective on all Japanese Pairs. The way I would use it is to only use the cloud part of the indicator. And use it as support and resistance levels. Eg. If EURJPY was in a strong up trend I would look to enter long just above the top of the cloud. Or if had been loosing momentum to the top side would look to enter a break just below the bottom of the cloud. Other people have many other ways to use Ichimoku.

Never used it, never intend to.

Personally I think it is too complicated and overrated. You are better off with price action and maybe maybe RSI.


In my opinion, Ichimoku works best for visual traders, just like any other indicator, the signals you get on a given chart across different periods are different.

Have to agree with this. Tried to read more about it and add it to my charts but find it cluttered and messy.

Thank you for the Insight. I found it easy to learn after watching a few video’s. I recently learned about trading commdolls and following a thread here on babypips.