Zforex reviews news trading

here’s the deal: good spreads on live acc. any problems in news trading here?

  • allowed to trade news (usually the order take 2-10sec) ?
  • using ea?
  • free vps (i have paid but probably they have better or u know some fast - better pm)


I was also wondering about them, as part of my wondering about brokers in general, and because they post here so I thought maybe the forum vouched for them in some way. But I did a search and found this, which certainly answered my question.

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  • Allowed to trade news (usually the order take 2-10sec) ?
    Yes news trading is allowed but be aware that with big market news, there is a huge volatility created and this may cause the order to be affected negatively

  • Using ea?
    Expert Advisors are allowed

  • Free vps (i have paid but probably they have better or u know some fast - better pm)

The VPS service is currently not available. It may be added to our services in the future.

Z Forex Capital Market LLC; zForex is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the number 2145 LLC 2022, and it holds an international brokerage and clearing house license from the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) in Mohéli, Comoros.

We provide services 24/5 in many languages, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, and etc. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Since the establishment of the brokerage in 2022, we have not received any negative reviews. You can check evaluation websites. As a Forex representative, I cannot see the comments made here as justified. If there are actual problems, why have they not been described in a technical and detailed manner? Our expert support team responds quickly and strives to resolve any issues. To make matters worse, a friend who commented here rated a friend by referring it. Furthermore, the situation is even more concerning as the person leaving the comment has provided a reference without elaborating on their evaluation. To our valued friends who have left negative reviews, if there are issues experienced with our broker, please describe them here. Because we are here for customer satisfaction.

We follow strict compliance standards to protect our clients and their assets while maintaining a high level of integrity in all of our activities. We are here to help you gain confidence as a trader and provide you with the reliable and secure resources you need to succeed.

So why are you unregulated?

You may not have “received” them, but I’ve seen them and so have others.

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You didn’t answer my question, tho.

You didn’t answer it here and you didn’t answer it above.

Nobody asked in which Caribbean island you’re registered, or by which Indian Ocean island you were given a “brokerage license”.

My question was “Why are you unregulated?”

It looks, from a glance around the web, that I’m not the only person asking it, either.

Seriously, why HAVE you chosen to be unregulated?

They can and apparently they do. And what they want to know is why you’ve chosen to be unregulated?

It’s a perfectly legitimate question, isn’t it?

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We are not unregulated, you can check the details wisely.

By which regulator are you regulated?

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wow, what an unexpected turn of events! :open_mouth:

here are some incontrovertible facts about Zforex -

  • their address is a PO box number in Bulgaria
  • their website makes no claim at all that they’re regulated
  • the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) in Mohéli, Comoros, is not a regulator of forex brokers
  • the LLC registration office in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is not a regulator of forex brokers
  • even some of Zforex’s own IB-affiliates state openly on their review sites that Zforex is “not regulated by any government agency”

yet here is someone who’s an official representative of the brokerage stating publicly, in writing …

i’m surprised beyond words

by which regulator are you regulated, please?

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Lol, just look at how the rep posts; would any regulated self-respecting broker have such a rep?

are they regulated?

they provide mt5 platform by mql. mql policy - only regulated companies who can pay 10-20k per month for using mt.

10-20k per month? are u sure?

do they accept crypto deposit and withdrawals?

Which trading platforms are supported by this broker?

Why would anybody even think about using a broker with those “credentials” shared above?


Is there a demo account?

Does zforex have integrations with spread cashback services?

can I use different crypto wallets for deposit and withdrawals here? do I have to confirm that they belong to me?

better to ask their support such questions