$ZN $US10Y Rates Are Going Higher

If you believe in inflation, then you also believe that rates are going higher.
If you don’t believe in inflation, then look at soybeans, corn, lumber, copper.

You hear a lot of “rates have stabilized” talk on financial networks.
That stabilization was simply a corrective pullback.
The pullback has ended, and, you should expect to see impulsive selling + volatility enter the market.

I might stop posting these as 7/10 I’ve shared have gotten no feedback / interaction (really would love to open up discussion) and, they are laborious.

Booked my scalp today.

Bought aggressive puts.
Really been in-tune w/ markets lately literally got out at bottom again.
Not sure where we go from here.

Updated D1 so you can compare to original post.
These past few sell-offs have gotten bid up and we might be carving out an inverse head and shoulders.
If rates stabilized here, and, even aggressively started dropping-- equities would probably moon.
If they don’t we should be looking to position ourselves to take advantage of the volatility spike again.

Signing off.

Updated chart

Breakout + aggressive retest of lower channel range; potentially cementing in the top.
A breakdown of the D1 20EMA opens up 130’30- If we get there fast, watch equities.

Thanks for the tip, appreciate your sharing this here.