Zulutrade platform


Can anyone explain to me how the zulutrade platform works?Imagine i have $10.000 capital,i invest amount $1000 with a stop loss at 50.0 pips.How much will i be risking?

Here is the process:

  1. you make a deposit on Zulu
  2. you decide which Signal Providers to follow
  3. you decide your risk on those trades for every Signal Provider you chose to follow
  4. those Signal Providers lose your money
  5. you have nothing left

This is about how it works. In case you have money you do not need, easier if you send it over to me instead of Zulu.

Not the case!

Open a demo account, see how it works, which traders suit your risk exposure. Practice how to follow them, with lots and all. Your success depends on how you manage your account.

Before you invest any money, be sure you know how it works. Definitely use the auto-protective tools such as the Zuluguard and the automator that put a protective limit on loses…