Zup Pipsters!


Just want to say hello to everyone and ask some questions.

I am new at this stuff, I have read alot of materials, as a matter of fact I think I read too much now I’m just totally confused.

I have been trading demo account through fxcm.com, not using any system or anything, just peer feeling. lost most of the time…lolz

I just spent some time reading through posts here and found some info to be very informative, such as “trading system” and such. since I have nothing to lose at this point, i am willing to give anything a go before I open a real account and waste my hard earn money. Any recommendation will be appreciated.

Another thing is; I see a good number of folks mentioning MT4, now with fxcom i’m using trade station, and i don’t know if using mt4 would mean i have to open a trading acct with mt4 owner (brokerage)?

what do you guys use, for brokerage and for charting software and what system works for you. please show me the way as i’m lost.

oh, any chance you guys have a IM group or some sort? because post sometime takes forever, but with IM, one can exchange ideas instantly.

thanks, and looking forward hearing back…


pain is temporary, victory is forever…:wink:

Usually I just use MT4 for and figuring out when to enter/exit , but I use a different platform for trading, oanda’s a good pick if you want to open a real account.

Mt4 and Oanda are pretty good. My live accounts are with FxSol. I take serious advantage of the leverage and small lot size. Check out the [U]where are you?[/U] thread. I have know idea who the author is. The information is very good. Keep your head, trade many demos, and keep going. You will soon find your spot in the Forex world. :slight_smile:

thanks guys…

will definetly check it out.

Hey, dragonfly

I’m demo trading at Oanda, working on an experimental system just to gain experience and get a feel for different market conditions. I’m not going to trade real money until I’m sure I know what I’m doing with the fake money. Of course, I suggest you hold off on the part about trading real money as well.

If you’re feeling confused by the sheer amount of information available on the forex, try working back through the school here at babypips. They break things down into idiot-simple chunks, and you can easily review any lesson you like.

Pay particular attention to the parts about money management. That is much more important than learning any special ‘system’. If you don’t learn to assess your risk and keep what you earn, you won’t stay in the market long enough to gain the instincts of a seasoned trader.

It ain’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Make sure you can go the distance, or you’ll surely burn out.

genghisclown, you are right on the money with that. My brother is not into the money management part and keeps messing up big.