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    Success is not impossible , they only one holding you back is your self , that's best advice I can give you ,

    & everyone has there own definition of success
    , Success to one person can be making 100k in 2days and success to another person can be making 1k in 1week like it all depends on you and how hard you work to achieve your success ,
    I'm not holding myself back nor do I need advice. Thank you though.

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    I do not think one can profit constantly 5% in a month. It is possible for a trader to make 100% profit in a day. But it is too tough. I think the man who told you about it, may be he or she controls some or one PAMM account. He will trade with your and his capital and as a expert trader he has less probability to make loss in market for a month.

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    Yes it is achievable and you can definitely get the profit about 5% in a month. But to make this profit you need hard work,lot of practice ,knowledge and skills about Forex.
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    It is definitely possible to achieve 5% or more a month in the Forex market. If you're new I just learning about Forex you should start making your first 5% in about three years.And that's if you work hard and study hard.

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    Yep, It can be done, I do it all the time.

    To achieve 5% consistently you simply need to know what you're doing and control your emotions.

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