05 MAY 2024 Ludicrous Returns Stock Model Update

Stocks recently sold: DASH, DVN, HUBB, IR, MG, NMR

Sell Now Triggers (5/3): CAT

Recently CAT is showing a lot of bad pattern attributes. Examples include the stock price vertical drop below the 50D, the 10D average dropping below the 50D. These factors are driving a sell signal.

Stock Model Recent Buy Triggers:

There were no new model buy triggers this past week.

New Buy Now Triggers (5/3): MRNA, OUST, ULBI, INO, TCOM, USLM, RZLT

The pharmaceutical company just triggered a new life cycle buy on my Ludicrous Returns stock model. On 5/2, the 200D average showed it’s first incline since April 2023.

Autonomous vehicles still appear to have their challenges. On the one hand, Ford is having some NHTSA investigations on its blue cruise hands-free system due to a couple recent fatal crashes. On the other hand, China recently approved Tesla’s hands-free driving on its roads. It still appears there is a strong desire for autonomous cars, albeit a few hurdles left to ensure bullet proof safety and for regulations to allow it to proceed to the next level. Nonetheless, OUST just flashed a buy back signal on my technical analysis model.

Biotech stock ULBI broke out of it’s 6- month to 1-year horizontal trend, triggering a buy on stock model.

Another biotech stock INO recently flashed a buy back.

USLM has room for growth both fundamentally and from a technical analysis perspective. Fundamentally, the building materials of limestone has a lot of room for solid revenue growth ahead with the infrastructure rebuilding of bridges recently underway.

Current model owned stocks as of 5/3 (stop sell price):
AZZ (70.77), BSX (64.29), CENX (15.06), DOV (162.79), EME (317.14), ETN (289.60), PWR (235.17), QTWO (47.66), SCCO (96.49), SPXC (111.59), TDG (1138.89), TT (277.73), VST (64.34)

Quantity of current Holdings: 13
Less: New Sells 0
Plus: New Buys 7
New Stock Quantity 20

Ludicrous Stock Model Portfolio: 28% invested in stocks, and 72% in cash (prior to new buys)
Market Status Update Ludicrous Market timing model status is still Dark Blue. It is OK to purchase some select stocks that meet buy requirements during the dark blue stage, with caution. However, it is not advisable to invest cash into equity index funds yet per my market timing model.

Thanks for this update.
I looked at the charts for all the stocks in the current portfolio and their current performance is great! Don’t know when and at what price level you entered these equities, but they seem to be doing very well.
Your new addition of MRNA may not be as bullish right now (200D SMA).

What’s the difference between Recent Buy Triggers and Buy Now Triggers?