1,500 PIPS PER MONTH with this method, VSA/SR/fibb etc

Where do i get ur signals petefader
I have 3k in live account. Like to trade with u live if u allow me to … please share the info with me asap thanks

hey pete got a question for you. What does the red and green wicks for, are they sell or buy indicators on the volume? just need to understand this volume further. or should i use one color and just look at the strength of the wicks? thanks again good system. also i notice that it will change color from red to green. so thats why maybe i should just use one color and look at the strength or length of the wicks.

There is a huge thread at Forex Factory and an excellent live chat room (it’s free and it’s linked from the first post of thread at FF) to discuss VSA. You guys should check it out.

When the volume [B]bar[/B] is red, it just means it was lower than the previous bar, that’s all…it doesnt mean sell. I didnt like it and changed it to green and dark green for a lower bar. You are just looking for amount of activity from the volume bar. (wicks are on price candles, not volume bars).

Here is an interesting observation. On friday New York open, E/U was stuck in a range and barely moving. Everyone must have thought it’s done for the week… BUT, the volume was VERY HIGH during that chop…meaning, THERE WAS ALOT OF ACTIVITY, but price wasnt moving out if its small range.

I looked at the 5 and 1min chart pa. I saw that up moves were clean and sharp, and down moves were slow and messy, and were always met with high volume to reverse it back up.

This is called accumulation. Big buyers are placing there orders in spurts, then letting price fall to get in at the same or better price. WHY? because if they place the entire buy position at once, price would shoot up, and they would not have had time to ACCUMULATE a large position.

Needless to say, when this thing finally broke, it took off like a rocket 100 pips or so. I was along for the ride, but unfortunately I closed too soon. With all that accumulation, I should have known better to leave the trade on.

So there is another example of the simple volumes indicator for mt4, giving you the inside scoop :wink:


Hi Peterfade,

After Reading T. Williams book 2x, How can we apply VSA Knownledge into VSA Trading system ?

  • How can we “read” The GBPJPY backround for next week ? What TF are you taking “to read” Market Strenght or Weakness big Picture of GJ nextweek. and for Entry/exit what tools/TF are you using, e.g—focus on 4-6 bar Doji near S/R, Trendlines.

I’ve still confusing, how can we Read the backround correctly, and trade VSA with No Demand, Uptrust, test, go short. vice versa

Thank you


May I ask to make sure that you’re referring to the thread named [B]Trade Using VSA (Volume Spread Analysis), [/B]or is it another thread you mean?

Can you please PM me the link where your chat room is since it was deleted in your first post by a mod? Thanks.

VSA scalping on the 15min.

Smart money is selling GJ, big time, says VSA. We should see 139. this week, as long as they dont hold up the price to accumilate more shorts, but upside is VERY limited.

subscribed! Thanks Pete for sharing…will go back and carefully read all you have written a bit later.


Hi Pete, Can you please give us a list of all the indicators you are using including pivots, fibbs, S&R, Volume, etc…and possible lay the rules for entry and exit…Appreciate your thread…Thanks.

Well, there’s another user here on BP who sells seats in his trading room, James on the 40-100 thread, and the admins do allow this to continue.

Depending on the quality of PeteFaders presence here, who knows what admins will decide in his case? After all, they can’t kick one guy for doing the exact same thing as another guy who can stay…

So far, PeteFader is contributing more than James is nowadays, imho

139 huh? Upside limited? LOL Are you sure you understand VSA?, The background was showing nothing but strength.

Anyone interested in VSA should check out the thread on FF.

Yes that one.

BV is only Volume. Each color on BV means one thing and BV in itself is NOT VSA as the original creator states. They have some similar characteristics in regards to identifying certain setups.

If you were confused by something as simple as the Better Volume indicator than I’m not sure it’s possible for you to truly understand VSA. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said I like to just see the raw data on the volumes indicator.

You made misstatements regarding the indicator and said it was confusing.

It is raw volume. Yes it does color the bars based on VSA like patterns but the raw data is intact. It gives you a bit more information regarding the raw volume data within the bar (high churn for instance) so not sure how that could be bad or confusing.

You were being honest. VSA was showing strength that came to fruition.

Why do you assume that being a newbie here on this forum means that you’re a newbie to forex altogether?

That does not have to be the case.

And btw, dressing volume up in fancy “better volume” clothes is a matter of taste. I personally find that I do that analysis better than the algorithms of the better volume indicator.

It’s hard to understand why you jump at someone just for considering the indicator you like as unnecessary.

If you so dislike him, why don’t you just stay away from his thread?

I can’t say I reach the same conclusion by reading his posts. Maybe you’re right, I don’t know.

Still, you came on pretty hard. I agree that BP isn’t for trying to get business, but I don’t think that he’s been promoting aggressively really.

Well, i guess we shall agree to disagree :slight_smile: