1,500 PIPS PER MONTH with this method, VSA/SR/fibb etc

Why do you need a volume indicator? Candles tell you all you need to know about activity. Seems redundant to me.

While I know 60% is possible, after reading through this thread and then reading this post I think you are straight up full of BS and just trying to get people to be in your room, or whatever signal scam you are running.

If you are going to make bold claims like +60% a month (which I assume you mean consistently every month, not just one lucky month), post trades pre entry, not hindsight, like 20 in row, and Prove your supposed skills.

P.S. how dare we challenge you on your uber trader claims lol. Ya I know were supposed to bow to what you say and pay for your stupid room.

I am not here to prove or sell anything. You don’t know who I am, and that I am well respected, but that’s fine. I dont want trouble, so I will stop posting. Good trading.

Naturally I now expect you to copy and paste this to James 40-100 thread, for the sake of consistent behavior…

Hi All,

Just been reading the thread and I have been very interested in everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

I have traded live with Pete quite a few times now, and I have to say Pete does know how to trade. He might not have everyone�s favorite method of trading - but the volume indicator coupled with PA seems to work very well and its consistent too.

I have not been trading for very long, but albeit I am not unknown to people wishing to scam others. I have to say Pete is a very genuine guy who is very good at what he does. He does not only concentrate on his trading method, he is also very focused on money management and risk reward, which I think is vital in trading.

I do think unfortunately this thread has turned from a good lesson from a experienced full time trader willing to share this knowledge to a bull fight. I think these kind of threads severally damage the community and ruin what was a friendly atmosphere.

Its a great shame as I don�t think you could have wished for a more genuine guy.



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Didn’t he post a bunch of his trades pre entry?

I followed him for a while. The IB thing is a decent trading strategy, but I hated waiting for an IB to form, seemed a very limited way of trading.

FYI, I actually signed up for his trading room. Quit after two weeks. It consisted of a lot of silence, then him posting a chart. The learning materials he had posted, pictures of IB’s and things were frankly quite a joke.

For anyone interested, don’t bother with the room. Just read his thread and do internet searches. You’ll learn just as much. I don’t see why everyone fawns over him. “I learned so much,”… sure that’s why you are still here on babypis and looking for trading methods and not making money trading live.

He also would get irate when people asked questions that I guess they were supposed to know after the first few days, even though he never really explained what he was doing in the first place or why.

He practially yelled at one guy, “this is your second week here and you are still asking about the start of day set up!”

Frankly, I think he’s full of BS too. He admits he runs another business. Well, if he’s that good at trading he shouldn’t have to worry about his other business. I think he probably makes more off his trading room, then he does trading. It’s actually pretty slick he has a subversive, not agressive advertising going for his trading room here on babypips, with a lot of a cheerleaders on his thread.

The thing is, I’ve found a lot here on babypips if you can get some noobs to do a couple winning trades on demo, or on a micro account, they usually fawn all over a guys supposedly great system.

[B]If someone or something is that great and wants to act like a teacher or a guru, show me A YEAR OR MORE of consistent profitability with real money otherwise STFU about trying to sell anyone a trading room, signal service or e-book.[/B]

Ok, pete, I’ll take this post at face value. Please continue your thread as it seems many people are interested.

Myself I just like to see more proof of large claims.

You have to understand I come to babypips daily. Without pause I see more than a few scammers on here. They usually start threads with something similar to how yours did. “make 3000 pips a month!” Then at the end they try to post a link to their, trading room, signal service, google add blog, or e-book sales pitch page.

With that in mind, if you continue, posting your important points here on this site and adding value to this site, would show you are sharing information and not trying to direct people to some sales pitch page.


That’s right, this post I entirely agree with.

It’s sad, but this post is showing that you don’t even try to understand “why”.

You have 2 visually similar doji - the first was drawn after 90 lots. The other one after 2 lots.

Got the point?

Hey Jimmy, TigerWoods wtf with you guys?
If you’re so great traders, well, i’m happy for you, but i don’t care, because i don’t see anything usefull from you, except the link to the FF.

Don’t you think if somebody will pay for private room, and find it a scam, he’ll post here his finding?

And calling somebody a “clown” IS rude and childish, it’s pity if your parents didn’t teach you such thing.

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And I don’t.
I’ve already seen so much statements with huge profits, but whats the point from it.

I’ll prefer usefull info, and hints.

I’ve read FF thread, but i can’t find any use of volume on 1M. Well, maybe i’m dumb, can’t know it for sure )))

But i’ve been in petes live room, when it was free, and he was traiding live on 1M. Thats better signal for me than greatest statements.

OK so not been on here long but read every post,

To the people on here that dont seem to like Pete, im sorry you didnt get on very well in his trading room… you have been in his room… right?!! i think you get my point.

Ps i have and the guy is good at what he does, how do i know cos his in profit each time i trade with him, good enough for me.

That is why I asked. Why is it any better than just looking at candles.

Explain to me why volume even matters, if it is not moving the price?

In your example two doji are very similar, one had two lots traded on it, the other 90. The dojis tell me the bears and bulls are undecided in the direction. What is how many lots were traded supposed to tell me? The only logical thing is that most of the people trading that doji think for one reason or another price is going to go in one direction. Does that mean they are right? Is it just a way to follow the crowd better and hope to catch momentum, before the next candle goes up and blossums large?

I’m honestly asking. My post wasn’t supposed to be snarky, at this point I don’t see what a volume indicator shows that candles don’t.

I’d be happy to check out the guys trading room, but if he charges, sorry no. I’ve been burnt by those too many times. Sorry if I can’t take yours or others words for it, I’d have to see some sort of track record before following someones trading room in the hopes that they can teach what they do, well enough to produce someone who can trade with similar results.

Well, I don’t know pete and havn’t been in his trading room. Hints and info are only useful if the person you are getting them from has proven you aren’t wasting your time by following their advice. And if he’s charging for a trading room, well all the more reason I want proof.

Maybe a doji isn’t correct example.
And i’m not using VSA, but thats my opinion on using candle + volume.

I think Volume here tell’s us that there really was a lot of bying.
But honestly, it’s hard for me to see “the situation” in real time.

I am not trying to be contrarian with your post, and I definitely do not know how to trade VSA, even though I have taken interest lately. When I look at the last example, and filter out the later candles (so no hindsight), it almost seems as if there is more selling pressure (of course seeing the intra action of the candle would help determine that too). The previous candle was red, and now we have more volume on a down candle. In general, I think confirmation to either side would have been needed before jumping in.

I think the important example is the earlier hammer. In my opinion that is a weak hammer from a PA perspective, since there is no real downtrend 6-8 candles prior. But from the color and Volume, you can see that there is a lot of buying pressure, and I think that is where the VSA comes in handy.

I would really like to here the OP’s opinion!

Hi - Ive just been reading the last few pages… I have to admit that I am quite suprised at some of things people have said about Pete.

I have been a member of his trading room for 2 weeks now… Ive really enjoyed it. He has been very helpful and trades live - not pure VSA but more on reading charts and understanding what’s going on.

Yes there are long periods of silence but i dont care about that as long as I am picking things up and we are making regular profits.

I have been trading on and off for about 5 years… I’ve never done much good to be honest and lost faith many times. Pete has given me hope and results and the trading room isnt expensive.

Just hope that my honest post puts some people right - I hate to see ‘good guys’ getting a pounding for no good reason.


Thanks Ian…but you want me to talk for 10 hours straight?? lol.

No - I was commenting on some dude that said there were long periods of silence and all you did was ever post a chart. That’s nonsense.

Good results for you today - only 2 trades but 4% return is excellent and long may it continue. Sadly, I missed both the calls due to circumstances - I did a couple of trades myself but both losers - I’ve got some way to go before i hit the high percentage that you seem to get. Anyway - onward and upward, I’m undeterred!


oohh, he wasn’t talking about me. anyway, good day today…the new york sessions have been nice. :smiley:

I’m sorry but if you have been led to believe that Volume isn’t important, then your clearly not keeping a close enough eye on the professional money, or, in other words, your not keeping an eye on what your BROKER is doing. Volume allows you to see how much MONEY is behind a move. If there is a strong down trend with little volume what does that tell you? What about a strong uptrend with little volume? Do you think that crosses out the purpose of volume. “Oh there is a strong uptrend and little volume, this means volume isn’t important.” That is just stupid. How is that not telling you something very important? Volume is important. Sure Forex is an OTC, and Volume isn’t reported the same way as in an Exchanged Market. And Forex dwarfs the Stock Market, so the belief is that such a high liquidity crosses out the need for volume. Why do you think most MM/Broker platforms don’t have Volume indicators? Do you think it’s because Volume doesn’t work, or because IT DOES? And your broker doesn’t want you to see. Volume is important in ANY market and is not something to just overlook, but then again, indicators are indicators, if you can’t see what the price is DOING then your trading blindly anyways.

I think a lot of the indicators people use on Baby Pips, are useless. I don’t go around expressing that. If it works for them it works for them, even if they are missing out on the big picture.

Just my 0.02. Leave Pete alone and let him have his thread. If he abuses any strict rules then so be it, but, why attack the guy?

Pete I think you should share more, but, question the members too, we’re all here to see as much as we can, and see what others are doing, so, share, and ask others to share and contribute as well.

Attack the people joining and then spamming a thread advertising in every section of the forum. Not the people contributing.