1 Hour, 1 Model - Selective Days (US Futures Trading )

It’s fact that most people fail in this game so don’t do what most people do. Cliché I know but how many of you took a trade today… and lost?

Today was unfavourable- the markets are sluggish from the recent holidays as that’s always expected!

Preserving you capital is the initial focus!

Follow along with my trades but let me wait for the right conditions as I will highlight once presented

But I will focus on 1 hour of time and 1 model within

Here we go

Looking to sell US500

Market has tipped lower

Waiting for movement into premium to allow entry opportunity

Objective reached @ 4144 but no trade was permitted as no retracement offered entry ahead of movement lower

Price is reaching into initial premium target @ 4153.8 but downside target has already been reached

I will observe the moment one reaching level

Buy limit US500 @ 4065

Stop @ 4058

Target @ 4082

Loss taken

Re-entry @ 4063

Stop @ 4057

Target 4072