1-Minute Heikin Ashi Swing Trades

Hello fellow traders!

I am opening this trading log on Wednesday, June 6, 2022. Welcome to summer trading where things get goofy real fast!

Let’s see if I can weather the many upcoming storms. I will be listing these in order that I take them.


I am using the 1-minute Heikin Ashi Chart on most major pairs to take swing trades (1:2 RR). My broker uses a hybrid of super-tight spreads and modest commissions so I can trade the lowest timeframe charts.

I typically trade the overlap between the London and NY sessions. However, I also trade the Asian session during my evening hours, especially if there is nothing to watch on TV. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Trade #1: 6/1/2022 NY overlap

This is the 1Min USD/CHF.

The green line is where I entered, the red is the stop loss order, and the blue is the target. Then we got this:

Not time to panic, but:

At this point, I realized it was not strong enough for a swing, so I settled for a scalp. On to the next one!

Trade #2: Right at the close of London

This is the AUD/USD 1 min. The bear flag is fairly weak and breaking the TL down to support. If it barrels strongly through support, I will hold, otherwise, I will be content to take profit there.

I trailed my stop here. I could hold and wait for price to break through support, however:

Reversal signal at support means GET OUT! So, I did. Took a 1:2 based on actual risk.

Trade #3: What was I thinking!

I spotted this interesting wedge reversal pattern on the EUR/USD 1-Min and decided to jump on any continuation of it. And I do mean ANY. So, I entered here:

Now I will admit that most of my entries are scary looking, but this is Friday the 13th scary! I honestly thought I had a breakout developing, but it pooped out early:

Okay, I misread this one, so sue me. I was content to take a small loss here. This happens a lot with swing trades. If you miss a good entry, the last thing you wanna do is hold until you stop out. Just take the small loss and enter again when you get a better opportunity.

Trade #4: UCAD bear channel

This looks pretty good for continuation down:

The channel is widening a bit, so this is gonna take while. Do I have the stamina to hold?

NO! Absolutely not. The candles are getting tiny and I’m becoming cranky, so I am taking this little profit and going home. I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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Me most of the time lol

Following along! The charts definitely help!

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Day 2: Thursday NY/London Overlap 6/2/2022

So, I decided to start with the best PA I could find on this AUD/USD 1-minute chart:

Yep, this was the best I could find! I was thinking, since it was in an uptrend from the London open, it was due for a big correction and a swing down. However, it typically starts with a large distribution range created by big banks taking profit:

So far, so good. At least I was right about that. But then this happened:

This could be a final flag breakout, followed by a correction back down:

I was right again, sort of. That is until this happened:

Trade #1: The channel widened and presented an opportunity to fade what I thought was the top of the channel. But, unfortunately:

It hit my stop. Now, some traders would set this up again for a short, but I did not feel comfortable doing that. So, I looked to a different pair. Maybe something more subdued? How about this:

Trade #2: NY session

I entered here on the USD/JPY 1-minute chart with a 1:1.4 swing intention. Best I could do with a late entry. Then, of course:

It immediately went against me. So, what do you do here? The only answer is to hold, really. And that’s what I did:

I was fortunate enough to get a second entry sell signal that moved price below my actual entry. Truth be told, it had nothing to do with my skill as a trader. So, with that said:

I scalped out here to cover my previous loss (plus a cup of coffee at Starbucks :joy:). The market was being merciful so far today. I didn’t wanna push it.

Trade #3: NY session, later on

This is my final attempt at a swing trade for the day. It is the USD/JPY again. It is a higher-low, major trend reversal, one of my favorite swing patterns. Here’s the setup:

Oops, I must have pushed something I was not supposed to. Sorry. :joy: Anyway, here is my final swing trade for Thursday:

It was an optimistic target. Also, it did this:

It was coiling at resistance, for way too long, so I got out here with another scalp profit. Try again tomorrow.