1 (Risk) over 4.3 (Rewards)

Happy Trading


Sorry, too complicated. :17:


It required you to understand channel, zigzag, trendline, and wave theory in order to see it in my set up.

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Thanks for comment. And Happy Winning.

:D, forex88news

Sometimes things get complicated.

Hmm… At first, even forex sound complicated to me, but as we all progress we then see things less complicated. Now, we see it immediately…

Haha… Happy Trading. May you all win abundantly.


question… Do any of the brokerages you guys use close early for the weekend? Mine closed at 1000UTC (i.e. Can no longer execute trade instructions) which is unusual. They did publish in advance that the “markets” would close at that time. For awhile I thought the entire forex market would cease together at that hour. But I’m well aware that the forex market is still moving until 2000UTC as usual.

Entered a new short at 112.98 earlier and would have wanted to close it manually if it broke back above 113…now it’s at 113.12 but i can’t do anything. so if the market opens with a gap up on Monday, the gap is gonna begin from up here instead of from where I thought it would below…which would still have been OK and fair. Has anyone encountered what to do with the broker in such a situation?