10-20% profit on the forex market with proof on Myfxbook

Hello dear traders.
Iam a forex market trader,I wouldn’t actually call myself a professional trader because I haven’t been around for so long but rather I would call myself a conservative,patient and profitable trader.
I have started to learn trading since 1 year ago and 6 month after that I managed it to be Not awesome but good at the market.
I was able to make 10-20% profit during the last 6 month.
last month my friends encouraged and persuaded me to connect my account to myfxbook so that other people can see the results.Therefore,I created a new demo account and connected it to myfxbook account,So far I managed to gain 9% over 3 weeks.
I was wondering to know your opinion about it,is 10-20% profit per month a good amount?
imagine you have 10k dollars as an initial deposit and you earn 10% out of it per month,what figure will it be at the end of the year?Interesting?

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Here you go.
please pay attention to the details,I had only 1.8% drawdown.that’s why I called myself a conservative trader :smiley:

Wait, we cannot link our brokers, but you can just spam advertising like this?

First of all I didn’t spam anything,second I didn’t advertise anything.
I just shared the result of my trades.
don’t start making drama !

Not bad results, but it is on a demo account with only 3 weeks history.
Have a year old history on real account and people want to follow you.

Yes.I understand what you say.
but actually I had no intention to connect my account with any statistical website,in fact I wasn’t aware that such websites even exist.
I will go on a real account on Monday with initial deposit of 2k-3k and Ill connect it with myfxbook as well.wish me luck.

hey, 20% a month you should get into competitions and stuff! Congrats!

thanks mate.
let me tell you sth,the people who are really profitable in this market(not just the ones who pretend and try to delude others),don’t need to sell signal,dont need to get into such competitions,dont need anything but to focus on what they do.
take it from me.

:+1: All the best to you

On demo account you can make billions

Thank you bro.

Yes,you are totally right,I cannot agree more.
you can make billions on a demo account but not with that amount of drawdown,Only 1.7%.
I said it once,Pay attention to the details not just the profit.

Iam glad I could make it by the end of the month.
19.91% percent profit and still a low amount of drawdown.
only 4.5%.

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With arbitrage trading you can make billions with less than 1% DD on Demo account.

No,that’s not true.
Because with arbitrage trading,if u want to make a profit,you cannot follow a proper money management,you need to increase the voloume and the leverage.thus,you cannot have less than 1% DD.
if you think Iam wrong,then make a demo account and try it,if you succeeded,share it with us genius.

You are doing well, keep make virtual money :slight_smile:

first of all you cannot have the same result as I have even on demo account :smiley:
second,I will connect my Real account to myfxbook on monday.

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One month of trackrecord…
It would be great to have an update after one year… :wink: