10 min FWB

Does any one has an honest review of Dean Saunder’s “10 minute Forex Wealth Builder” trading?

I normally don’t recommend these courses but I heard about this one through a source that I trusted. I got it for my daughter who wants to start learning forex. I found it definitely one of the best ones I have read, for someone just getting started it gives some good basic information.

As to his actual “10 minute” method … I have not tried it yet but do not expect it to be any better or worse than a lot of the methods offered for free on this site. None of these forex courses being sold via “special offers” have found a “holy grail”. If they did, they would not be selling it! Also see the Rate My Software section on this forum.

I think Dean’s approach is straightforward and honest and I am sure that if you strictly follow his method you will make some pips. If you strictly follow Tymen’s candlestick teaching or maurizio77’s step EMA or any of several others on this forum … you will also make some pips. There is no single answer, no ‘magic’ EA. Success in forex trading for you will be finding a method you are comfortable with.

I guess bottom line is don’t buy it to get a magic system … but if you want some all round good basic forex training, I like this one.

I am a complete noob to Forex myself and after WEEKS of searching for understanding and answers and sifting through pages of forex robots that promise to make you stinking rich while not ever knowing a thing about forex, I decided to drop the cash on the 10mfwb program.

Here is my word on this:

I decided to read the entire program AND understand it before even downloading MT4 to my PC. I just finished reading the entire system yesterday. I had to go back and re read some parts because being a beginner, sometimes the lightbulb kicks in and then you want to go back and absorb what you missed the first time.

So with that said, Even if Deans SYSTEM fails completely after following his EXACT word I would STILL say the system is worth every reasonable dollar spent because I have a huge understanding on the whole picture based on his teaching and his approach.

I can completely see why traders loose their butts with forex due to emotions, poor money management/greed and system hopping. As Dean would say no system is 100%. Losing a trade is GOING to happen at some point. But its like owning a business, you still have to pay rent, elec, payroll etc.

His systems are based on PRICE and can work in any market. Theres no gimmick, theres no promises of riches, although you get to watch him pull some impressive pips out of the market in his live trades.

I would reccomend this system!

I don’t know how much you two spent for that course but one I can recommend is NickB’s Forex4Noobs. He runs special discounts from time to time, I paid $120 AND I don’t trade his 4H scalp S/R strategy. His introductory video lessons regarding the market, trading philosopy and strategies plus a very comprehensive lesson on the candlesticks themselves was worth every penny. I still go back and review a lesson or two every week - a refresher if you will. he covers it all, MM, TP & SL, etc.

If you want free, Nial Fuller’s Pin Bar Reversal strategy is excellent. Absolutely the easiest trade to see, it’s either a pin bar that shows a reversal or it isn’t. He has a learning course for a fee too but I just watch the videos on his site. Google his name for the link. d