10 minute timeframe MT4


Does anyone know of a way for me to get the 10 minute timeframe bars on mt4 just like I have the 5 minute
and 15 minute? Is there an indicator out there for this?

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s assistance in this matter.

Thanks in advance

Changing the time frime to 10min cannot be done directly in MT4, there are however some indicators which will create customised candles of a specific size, try these: custom candle timeframes.zip (6.77 KB)
I don’t use them myself but a google search is a magical thing, I think to use the periodcon indicator you pick a small time frame like the M5 and stick the multiplyer at x2 to create a 10minute chart. I have no idea how the other indicator works though so just experiement.

I doubt either of these will update any indicators to work on the custom candle timeframes though.

edit: does anyone know if MT5 has 10min TFs?
2nd edit: Here’s a crazily detailed post with an indicator which might work better, I can’t be arsed to read it all so I hope it helps: Improved multi-timeframe/offset/chart period converter, P4L PeriodCon.mq4 @ Forex Factory

just open an mt5 demo and load up the 10 min live chart there