10 Top Play to Earn Cryptos

Just saw this article when I was trying to see if it would still be a good idea to invest in Axie Infinity now (since the price of SLP has dropped). :sweat_smile: Have you heard of any of these, apart from Axie Infinity? :blush:

Star Atlas for sure. Ads for that game are everywhere.

But they’re beta…

But VR enabled. Based on space travel, territory exploration, resource gathering and gaining political power (if you’re into that).

Player v player combat. Player v environment combat. There are specific gameplay modes for the combat piece of it, so you don’t have to do it.

ATLAS is the in-game currency, and POLIS is the in-game governance token. ATLAS supports a NFT marketplace and in-game trading. ATLAST can be earned by mining, trading, completing missions and resource gathering.

Should be really interesting. But probably a bit more time consuming to get things moving.

Hi @ria_rose,
I know of MANA (Decentraland). The problem with the very new ones is that many just disappear. So I prefer to research those with a bit of a track record. Having said that, the last time I looked at these opportunities was last April. I put MANA in the basket of “look again in six months” and that was at the same time as I decided to expend some effort (and up to 10% of our crypto holdings) on mining.

Knowing there is a practical lead time between deciding to do something that requires computer hardware, and actually being able to participate, I decided in June to involve myself in a pilot study of farming Chia tokens. That pilot was part of a more complicated pursuit of getting up to speed with some more recent technologies that have escaped my attention for a decade. Wind forward two months and my Chia pilot is actually a production system with a growth target until the end of the year to earn about $250 per month farming Chia.

When my work plan for Chia is more settled and more advanced, I will no doubt then turn my attention to Helium mining (HNT). In all, I wish to address four potential sources of mining income as an adjunct to our crypto holdings. I have not yet decided on any after HNT. It is a lot of hard work (for me anyway) but I believe these things have a good chance of a long term future. I specifically avoided BTC and ETH mining - I was too late the to table.

But the thought of earning money playing games is a bit alien to me. I have probably earned more BAT token value by using the Brave browser than I would playing games. $2.50 in September. Whooppeee do.