100 pips day trading strategy

Hi! Can anyone tell me a great day trading strategy who can earn at least 50 pips. And must be a strategy with a lots of daily entries possibilities because I can’t stay all day long to monitor the market charts! Thanks! :41:

So at the risk of sounding terribly cheeky, (which if I do I apopolgise for in advance) let me see if I’ve got your question correct.

What you’re asking for is for someone to tell you a strategy that will guarantee AT LEAST 50 pips a day with the minimum amount of effort possible on your part ?

Wow. If anyone DOES know of such a strategy, could they tell me it as well !!

Wow a holy Grail seeking post if I had ever seen one. Are there systems out there that make 50+ pips a day. Yep lots of them. Will they generate multiple entries every day?? No idea gotta take what the market gives you. Illulian I have read a few of your threads and it seems like either you have the wrong impression of trading or are trying to take some kind of short cut. The secret of trading is… There is no secret. Just old-fashioned hard work and putting your nose to the grind stone. Last week I made on average 50 pips a day. That was a very good week for me. I can not guarantee those results every week but here just happened to be that much opportunity available. Instead of wasting time posting things like this read and study about trading in general. Some people say I am a fast learner since I have only trades forex for 6 weeks but I tell them I am slow. Why I put down atleast 2 trading books, about 30 hours of charting or analysis, 5 articles or webinars and probably over 15 hours just reading or chatting in forums each week. Not yo mention backtesting and simulation. So find a system that fits you there are loads of good ones here on babypips. Study hard and you will get your 50 pips a day. There is a Chinese saying “the man who wakes up before the sun to plow the field, 365 days a year never fails to grow rich” I don’t think you have that attitude.

Common lulian, are you serious?

First off, you seem to get annoyed when peple dont give you IN PLAIN SIGHT INFORMATION, and, you can only trade from 11-6pm, and that, to me, is the worst time to trade. If you watch charts, you would know, Volumn is down around ALL THOSE HOURS.

Forget about Real money, get a demo, your no-way even ready for a mini account. How do I know, I read all your posts, because you seem persistantly unknowledgeable about almost everything, which says to me, your a slow learner, or looking for the easy way out, which you WILL find, but WILL fail, in the long run.

You clearly have not put in the time to become a trader, and its simple as that.

You want to talk reality? THere you go…

I put in over 5000 Hours this year LEARNING, READING , DEMO’in, Watching Charts, trying MY OWN ANGLES, and asked almost, what, 5 questions to the general public in that entire time.

Im a fast learner, Very fast actually. And 1 year later, Im not a Pro trader, but I bet I can hang with the best of them in my style of trading.

But my problem, from the beginning, is I took it as a career, so I used my time as just that. EVERYTHING FOREX, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY…

You Just cant sit here, and ask these questions like you are in this forum, let alone from someone that has been in this process for a year, like you said you have been.

Your either,

A- A slow learner,
B- A short cut finder ( Also known as Easy way Out)
C- a Troll

open a chart, and Put EVERY SINGLE INDICATOR ON THE CHART, and Anaylz it for a Month.

Then come back, and see it your still have the same question…

Im not being hard on you, really, because if you think you have any sort of chance in this game, your going to end up Broke and disappointed…

For starters, why dont you just try to get 5 pips a day, do that consistantly, then try 10, 15, 20,pips a day, and so On.

Learn to beat YOUR CONSISTANT average.

In this game, you need to learn to Beat YOURSELF, Not the Market.

And you clearly have issues with Knowledge obsorbtion… ( Info that Sinks in the Brain )

You need to start back at square 1,

Just being honest with ya, trust me, that market is meaner to you, then some poster

So what’s the point of this forum if not asking about trading?

In 2 weeks I multiplied 15 times my demo money account … from 10000 to 150000… to lose unfortunately in the end due a small issue I did not know… I invested all the money earned and not even used SLs… :slight_smile: And I think is possible to multiply even like 100 or maybe even 1000 the money invested at the beginning but with a lot of knowledge… I participate in demo contests so what I need is like 100 pips a day… the players start with 10000 and at the end of the month reach like 1-2 million Euros…

That’s why I asked about this 50 or maybe 100 pips a day :19:

OK, well, thats a bit differant,

Your talking about Demo money…

But still, the other aspects still stand.

So, you want help to win a contest? Right?

Whats in it for us?


Im sorry for seeming like a Jack Hole, But I take this pretty serious.

But, then again Lulian, your in a contest, TEST, to prove YOUR Skills up to this point. Im in a contest also, And at anytime, can check to see what others are doing, but that would be cheating, and cheating myself. Your in it to prove your skills.

Awesome that your asking questions, yes, thats not the problem.

I just look at things totally differant then most people.

you have to apply compounding, Im sure you know, or you wont have a chance.

But you also need to use this as practice, and look at it as just that. Dont start picking up bad traits during Practice, because they will carry over to when your live and in the real game, so keep that in mind.

I look at contests, as a test of MY skill, at that certain time of my career.

Think about it,