100+ posts members area to prevent sockpuppeting

Recently babypips has had a load of sockpuppets mainly from a single guy which detracts from the overall discussion. IP blocks can be circumvented by a web proxy so do not really help. What may help is a 100+ post member room where only members with 100+ posts get rights to post - newbies with less posts are allowed to view but not post. This would mean that a sockpuppet would have to work particularly hard posting 100 posts to disrupt educational threads - especially if they get banned it would make sockpuppeting and trolling less satisfying. It would therefore allow quality discussions to proceed without annoyance.

problem with that is the older members would only visit that section leaveing the rest of babypips newbies to fend for themselves. I know right now I think twice about posting to anyone as it might be AK. And yet I still wind up falling for it.