100% price action signals here

Hello Everyone after many years of experience in the business of trading i come to understand that until anyone totally master the art of this business and it becomes as simple as reading ABC… such one can never earn consistently.
follow me up as i will be giving free 100% accurate signals here

we sure will

BS Trade Camp?

That’s better than the name of my firm:
Flounder, Ring and Lost!

Can’t wait for the signals!


We’re waiting

I hope you have a lot of patience.

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I have a few hogsheads and a couple of hectares of patience!! And a few pots of impatiens.

what do you mean by 100% accurate lol

You Must have a crystal ball.
100%. Show us.

OMG. :open_mouth: Such a bold claim. :cold_sweat: Good luck with that! :open_mouth:

You’re 100% likely to lose your money.

my good friend its BS TRADE CMP(company) we sold nzdusd, audusd, gbpusd but was monday i taugth no one intreasted hahaha here but now i got replies i will keep in touch sure thanks guys

any trade i give wont hit sl its holygrail trade signals i worked for it years now i will show just do your work by patient here till i post

we shall see seeing is believing there is something i know u do not yet friend i will prove


Your company name made me smile because In the U.S. having a company name that starts with the intitals “BS” would certainly give rise to a few grins and comments as “BS” stands for “Bull sh-t” meaning not truthful. :open_mouth::smiley:

Looking forward to achieving 100% accuracy because I could use some right now!! :laughing::rofl::smiley:


It’s named like that on purpose.

It’s a troll. He knows there is no such thing as 100% accurate signals.

lmaooo 100 percent??? (in my Soulja Boy voice)

lmaoooo :joy::joy:

We are waiting.

hello traders we are on holiday but we still trade