1000 to 14000 in 7 months with this EA

This EA is based on CCI and MACD. This EA has shown better results in backtesting on EURUSD pair.

No Martingale or Hedge or grid.

TimeFrame: 30Min
Test Period: 7 Months
Deposit: $1000 ECN Account
Balance: $12447
Drawdown: 24%

Download the EA at source forum.


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How much is it?

I don’t sell any ea… It’s free

Sounds good. I’ve never understood how to download or apply these EA’s. Anyone know how to use them?

Give this a shot, had it bookmarked. MT4. Not sure about MT5.

when I use backtests, I take one error.
Error is: “SMC Trader Camel CCI MACD v2 EURUSD,M30: Error opening BUY order : 134”

What is 134 error. I use 10000$ for deposit.

134 error means you don’t have sufficient balance. Adjust the lot size accordingly and try

Anyone managed to try them and see the resukts??

Do you have more detailed results from the backtesting? Performance vs Buy & Hold, Sharpe Ratio, Profit Factor, win %…etc.

24% drawdown on 30 min chart is… yikes.