1000pip climber systems

Has any one try this system ,how is the result

As well as recommendations, I’d always seek to know the basis for something I’m being asked to pay money for. All the website says is the system is based on a highly advanced forex algorithm they have developed. That means nothing to me.

You should at least be assured the system is not based on tossing a coin or reading tea leaves or sticking a pin in a chart.

What`s that system? More info about it?

Not seen this but I’m already running backwards!

Wow, so people still believe the HYPE.

I should get back to coding some indicators and supa-dupa strategies.

Haven’t heard of this one. Can you tell us more about this system?

Ahoy, I’ve been using the climber system+ climber ea for a week. I like the approach. So far 4 trades have been triggered, 3 of which are in losses. I use the standard settings except that I use the percent of balance… 1 week doesn’t say anything, I’m curious to see how it goes.