🤑 $100k for 1 BTC this year? (2024)

What do you think guys, is it real?
$100.000 for 1 BTC in 2024? :money_mouth_face:

Tbh, I feel like anything’s possible with BTC at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it reached $100k before the year ends. :thinking: My only hope is that I’d be able to get in before then. :sweat_smile:

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We haven’t seen anything yet… if/when rates get cut, expect a reverse market crash.

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Ha. same here. :sweat_smile:

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I sure hope so!! I’m holding.

It is as real as $250K by end of 2024, or $35K by end of March. It is the normal volatility of the BTC cycle. the only parameter I use for BTC is the fear and greed index. I sold 40% of my BTC when it reached about 85%. I may regret that in the near future, but I will not regret it in the far future. I am happy to take 60% of its future profit instead of 100% with other option of buying back in to BTC if and when the fear and greed index returns to fear or extreme fear. It was not that long ago we were in that territory.

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Which is why so many people got quiet about BTC when it dropped to 30k, but are talking about it now.

This reminds me of the current book I am reading, which I took in the plane with me to Albania last week. It is called The Mood Elevator by Larry Senn. The top three levels are grateful, wise and creative, all of which I aspire to be. The lowest three levels are depressed, angry, stressed, all of which I aspire to remove completely from my life. This has a lot to do with meditation and ownership.

I have never understood people who say “don’t tell anyone you made any mistakes. Nobody likes mistakes” Well I love mistakes They are the only things that stop you making quite so many of them in future. I laugh about my trade losses. And I am grateful for my trade wins.

Reading The Mood Elevator (which I was introduced to when working for FedEx) reinforces everything I aspire to be, and reinforces every emotion I witness every day as I engage with people in life.

I blame only myself when I lose in business. The market just does what the market does. It is not the fault of the market (a collection of participants) nor the banks, the lenders, the brokers, the whales or any one else’s fault. It is my fault when I lose, and my fault when I win. Pure and simple. Accept responsibility for all my actions and my inactions, and I only have myself to blame. I laugh off the losses because I know they are measured, can never really hurt me or my position in life, and decisions can be turned on and off like a tap, if I am laughing at myself too much in too short a timeframe.